Skyfront VR Launches on Steam with Nausea-Free, Zero-G Multiplayer Action

Skyfront News

Levity Play has launched Skyfront Vr on Steam and boasts being the medium’s first nausea-free multiplayer title on Steam Early Access in the VR world. As someone who experiences tremendous nausea in the Virtual Reality world, it’s quite the claim. Not content to simply glide into its Early Access launch, however, Skyfront VR kicked off its first weekend with an arena-full of new content: a new trailer, new map, new weapons, and new special abilities for owning the battlefield. The game uses locomotion mechanics that help center the players and give them a more comfortable gameplay experience. Handling movement by moving one’s hands, players are treated to 1:1 in-game translation, eliminating the sensory conflict that often occurs with movement using a joystick. This is further combined with large, open arenas and collision dampening on surfaces, to strike a balance between intuitive freedom of movement and tight FPS gameplay. With deathmatch and team deathmatch gametypes, 5 weapons and 5 special abilities, Skyfront VR has a lot to offer VR fans who want to move without boundaries and do battle with other players.

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