Smash Online Review: Much More Than Tennis

Smash Online Review: Much More Than Tennis
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


We’ve had Basketball (Freestyle), we’ve had racing (Krazy Kart), hell it’s about time they featured tennis. Yes folks! Smash Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Sports game that guarantees to satisfy your hunger for smashing and serving. One thing about this game is that it’s region locked and can be only be accessed by people in Europe. Not to worry though, there are tons playing this game so feel free to challenge them in order to get to the top.


There are various game modes to ponder on with cute cell-shaded anime graphics that’s sure to make you go “aww”. The game play is tad simple, making it easier for players to cope in terms of skill. Much as I would like to rate this game high (due to my personal bias) and end this review, let’s check out what else this game has to offer.


Creating your contender

Before embarking on your journey to become the best player out there, you first have to create your character. Most of the interface consists of premade elements that you can mix together to create your own unique character. Worry not though for the game has a bunch of stuff to help you personalize your characters when you visit the item mall. After creating/naming your character, it’s time to put him to the test.


Smash Online Court
Smash Online Court


Definitely an MMO: If only enhancing my skills were this easy

One generic MMO feature would be the leveling of characters. In this game, you’ll be playing against other players (1 on 1 or 2 on 2) in order to level your character’s skills and gain in game money. Character skills in this game are no different from traditional MMORPG ones. Some of them make you hit harder, some make you move faster, and some makes you more accurate. You’ll be given points to distribute every time you level up, optimizing your character’s performance in the court. In game gold can be acquired simply by competing against other players. You don’t really have to win in order to attain money but know that you’ll be getting much more if you do. This currency can be used via the item mall in order to buy new fashion items.


Slap that ball LOL

Yes Smash Online IS a Tennis game, but that doesn’t mean the game cannot add anything that gives the game some surreal extra kicks. Aside from hitting that ball back and forth, you’ll notice bullseye circles spawn randomly from the ground. These targets gives you extra boosts as well as points whenever you hit a ball while standing on them. This is a nice idea but quite confusing at times. Since your aim is to hit the ball, you might find yourself a bit off mark when chasing after spawning circles. My only advice would be to know your character’s limitations. Don’t step on them if you know that you’re bound to miss the incoming ball.


Smash Online Bullseye
Chasing spawning circles


You’re so cool! I think I’ll follow you around!

Remember those anime flicks with antagonists joining the main protagonist just cause he managed to beat them? This game is probably the best way to experience that kind of scenario. Aside from player vs player matches, you can also fight against AI opponents (Who are way better than some of the players out there). Once you beat an NPC, you’ll have the option of teaming up with them during 2 on 2 matches. It’s actually pretty fun especially if no one wants to play with you. These AI Players can also be leveled and customized to suit your preferences as you progress through the game. It’s a good feature, but why prefer an AI partner over a real one right?


Double Team Work Smash Online
Double Teams


Graphics and elements

When it comes to graphics, Smash Online is definitely blessed. The game has an intense set of cell shaded characters that blend well with their cell shaded surroundings. The game has a lot of diverse courts that give you great ambience as you continue to serve and smash that ball back and forth. The interface is easy to get used to and uses big kiddie-like buttons with simplistic terms such as “JOIN” and “START” to make it easier for newbies to know what they’re doing. The experience points are distributed through bars instead of numbers as well. Although it may seem like a kiddie game in terms of graphics and interface, you can’t deny the fact that the game is presented perfectly, with elements harmonizing in order to bring you the most awesome Tennis MMO game ever. The control scheme is simple as well. If I remember it correctly, aside from the movement controls, you’ll be trading swings using 2 distinct buttons: namely the smash button, and the light swing button.



Although the game is basically perfect, there are certain issues concerning lag that’s flooding the community. I really hope they can fix it soon, cause I’m hell bent on smashing again LOL.


Winning Smash Online
Cute Characters in Smash Online


The Verdict

Smash Online is a good game, there’s no doubt about that. The game is simple yet presents an enjoyable form of gameplay. This is a good way to show that more technicalities do not make a game better than the rest. The game is visually blessed when it comes to graphics as well. It’s really fun to dress your character up, especially since the game doesn’t demand anything other than the money you earn in game. There are tons of diverse arenas, rackets, and clothes to make an MMO player drool. The installer isn’t hefty either, being a mere 58 mb file for easy downloads. The best part about this game would be the fact that it’s an ongoing project. New features like clubs (Guilds) and online tournaments will be implemented soon, so watch out. So far, the only thing I have to tell you regarding this game is “DL it, Install it, and play it”.


The good:
– Intense system
– Cute characters
– Diverse Arenas
– Item mall.


The bad:
– Can’t be enjoyed by hardcore players
– Lag issues (and tons of em)
– Lack of character customizations
– The smash bullseye is rather confusing.

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