Soldier Front Review: Like CS With Fun Features

By Vincent Haoson, Onrpg Writer

Soldier Front is a tactical MMO First-Person Shooter from Dragonfly. You get to choose between a variety of characters that have roots to real-life world famous elite soldier groups. Go head-to-head with other players around the world either solo or in a team. You can also get to choose from a variety of guns based from real-life weapons used by these soldiers.


In Soldier Front, you have the choice of becoming a soldier from the different elite groups such as the American, Delta force and Force Recon, The British GIGN and SAS, Israel’s GSG-9, Australia’s ARTC, Germany’s SPETSNAZ, Korea’s KSF and ROKMC and the enigmatic SRG, SF’s own version of an elite group of international soldiers.

Whatever unit you choose in SF, you can buy equipment such as gloves, pistol holster, helmet, extra armor and more. The equipment you buy has an attribute bonus such as prevention from headshot, increased accuracy and the like. You can also buy weapons in SF that can be your default weapon in the duration of your play. Most of the guns you can buy in SF are based off real-life weapons. You can buy submachine guns like Uzis, MP5s, P90s, rifles such as the golden AK-47S, TYPE89 and the G343. Sniper rifles and machine guns are also available. Besides the primary weapons, you can also buy secondary guns which are pistols and shotguns. You can also buy grenades, flash bangs and smoke grenades that would be your main weapons in your battles in the future.

Like most First-person shooters, there are different game modes where you can enjoy SF online. Different modes include, Single Battle, Team Battle, Clan Battle, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Captain. In single battle mode, the objective here is to be the first one to reach a certain amount of kills that is set by the room master. Whoever reaches the kill point wins.

Team battle mode is more tactical in nature. There are various operations where the room master can choose with each operation has its own goal. In blast operation, the red team’s goal is to set up a bomb on a target while the blue team would have to defend and eliminate the red team. Capturing operation on the other pits the red team on acquiring a certain item that is defended by the blue team. Flee operations however is different in because red team members would need to reach a certain area and the blue team must prevent the red team from doing so.

Lastly, the dual operation of SF is its equivalent of Capture the flag. Both teams have a certain item that they would need to defend, their objective here is to bring the other team’s “item” and bring it back to their base.

Clans are the in-game community in SF. As part of one you can take part in Clan wars, think of it as the same as team battles but this time you are with your clanmates.

Team Deathmatch is more like the single battle mode in SF but in this mode you get to choose to be part of either the red or blue team. The objective is basically simple, all you have to do is kill the opposing team and meet the kill point requirement of 100 to win.

Lastly, the Capture the Captain Battle mode in SF is a variation of the Dual operation of SF. The goal of this battle mode is to kill the other team’s captain, which is randomly generated every round. Whoever eliminates the other side’s captain wins.


SF took the elements that made network-based FPS shooters so addicting and clothed it into a MMOFPS. You have fast paced action, a nice set of game modes and even customization that other FPS doesn’t have.

A lot of the elements found in FPS are quite reminiscent of Counter Strike, the controls, the weapon categories and even the game missions have one way or another reminded me of my CS hay days. The fact that the game does feel like you’re playing CS can be good and bad, good is that CS has been one of the better FPS available in the gaming market when it comes to military-style shooting games, bad because SF can feel so generic that some players would rather go online with CS than spend their time playing SF.

The generic ‘feel’ of the game will be the biggest problem most players would face. But that doesn’t change the fact that SF is indeed a fun game to play.

There are a lot of little extra game features that can make your SF experience a bit fun. For example, when you are killed by another player more than five times, that player will become part of your “hit list”. Being part of a player’s hit list entitles you to see a chicken icon over the other players head and that you can see in your line of sight where the player is. This may seem unfair but I bet you that if you experienced being killed by the same guy for five times and more, fairness is thrown out of the window and the satisfaction of exacting revenge would be your top priority.

It is true that SF is a fun game to play, but there are some aspects of SF that can really bug you. One reason is the fact that the lag issue is at play here. Lag can definitely kill your SF experience metaphorically and in-game. Playing a lagging game in SF can irritate even the most level-headed players especially when you die unexpectedly or that you when you eat the bullet of another player that was supposedly dead.

Another let down in SF is that some of the maps can be quite boring as you continue on playing. Thankfully the developers do include updates once in a while so that your SF experience would never get boring.

With a game this addicting and the possibility of having more in-game weapons, equipment and items that will be released in the succeeding months to come, SF can be a nice MMOFPS that players can fall in love with.


– Simplistic and easy to learn controls

– Large trove of weapons to choose from

– Realistic elements especially when shooting


– The game feels to generic

– Customization only includes the equipment you wear

– Maps can be quite a drag

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