Solstice Reborn – The Old School

Solstice Reborn – The Old School

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Solstice: Reborn is a 2D game with 3D environments and it is the action-packed sequel to the cult classic free-to-play MMORPG, Secret of the Solstice! With a major graphics overhaul, hundreds of new monsters and dozens of new game mechanics, Secret of the Solstice has been reborn!


This newly discovered parallel planet is full of danger and intrigue, teaming with magic and science, and filled with old friends and new foes. Join your friends and explore this new land: fight your way to the lava chamber under the haunted library, battle renegade dragon-men, or craft dozens of items ranging from furniture and pets to elite weapons and epic enchants.


The future of Xen rests in your hands!



At the start of the tutorial you get to choose between three different cities to start. These three different cities are specialized for different classes.


Brynhilld is the city of the Fighters and Clerics. If you are planning to play as to a Fighter or Cleric you’d better start your adventure Brynhilld.


Essene is the city of the Magicians and Priests. If you are planning to play as a Magician or Priest you’d better start your adventure in Essene.


Eir is the city of the Rogues and Archers. If you are planning to play as a Rogue or Archer you’d better start your adventure in Eir.


Since I wanted to play a Magician I teleported to the city Essene. I teleported to the NPC called Guide Ropelta. She taught me different features about the game and sent me off to some of the important NPC’s in the city. When I met everyone it was time to do some quests. These quests consisted ofdelivering items to different NPC’s and doing jobs for them. It was advised to use my status points and put these in six of my stats in the character information screen. I would advise people that start a new character no to take this too seriously and just put your stats into Power since at level 16 your stats reset when you choose your class. When picking a class it will tell you what kind of stat points are the most important, so you know what to specialize into. When I left the city I finally got a quest to slay some monsters and to test my skills. As I trained into a Magician, I was  told that Intellect and Magic Defense were the most important stats to put my points into, so I did. Now I was ready to help the world fight against monsters and find some friends.



There are currently 6 classes to choose from. All players start as a Xenian which is a resident of Xen, and when reaching level 16 it is possible to specialize yourself into a different class.



Archers are the masters of the bow and arrow. They use accurate long distance attacks with their bow  to deal critical damage to their foes.


Magicians wield the power of magic to defend themselves. They are able to cast magic from a distance which prevents them from receiving any damage.


Well on their way to being a full cleric, acolytes focus on helping others with their protective healing magic.


The Predictor is the protector of the people. They bash their enemies with powerful clubs and use their magic to finish the job.


Rogues are known for their cunning and speed. They use melee attacks based on agility and strength. This character’s agility and dodge are beyond imagination.


Fighters trained in the art of hitting things hard. With a sword and shield in their hand they become the ultimate fighting weapon in Xen.


It should be noted that each class can specialize even further at levels 66, 96 and 131.




There are two ways of moving your character. You can either use your mouse to click or you can use the WASD controls. However the WASD controls feel quite clunky. As I was a Magician I found the mouse a better option to control my character and it helped me more with kiting the monsters. I started off with two damaging spells. One spell that only dealt damage and the other damage spell had an extra effect. It froze the target so they were slowed. With this spell it was easy to kite my mobs and they couldn’t get a single attack on me, the only problem was my mana.


Picking up quests in Solstice Reborn is quite easy, on the map you can see different symbols  such as the question mark and the exclamation mark, the question mark tells that you have completed a quest and you can gain your award at the corresponding location. The exclamation mark tells you the location where you can pick up a quest.


I had some trouble finding NPC’s though. For example if you have to complete a quest you can find them on the map, which is quite easy. However if the NPC that you are looking for is standing inside a building you can’t find them. Luckily they put every NPC on the map so you can find the NPC you are looking for. Unfortunately they were quite enthusiastic with NPC’s and their map just simply messed up.


My Eyes.. They Burn!


As you can see it was quite hard to tell where some NPC’s were and I had to look for quite some time before I finally found them. The other 2 cities have this problem as well so it might take a while searching for the desired NPC.


This game has a minor crafting system as well. It is possible to pick up items in the fields such as ores and herbs with the Gathering skill. These items can be used with a recipe to make a wide variety of items. It is even possible to create mounts such as Dragons and Cars! It is also possible to put Jewels and Gems in your weapon, which can create a unique aura if you smelt them.


I also was told there were PvP arena’s in this game. Unfortunately after looking for 30 minutes to find a NPC I gave up my hope and went to do some other things. I did try to look it up on the map but that was a pointless effort.


If you have trouble in finding something there is a ‘Xen Guide’ which gives a basic idea  of how everything works. There is also a help button if you need or want any help,  but unfortunately this button doesn’t work.



The graphics remind me of a lot of Ragnarok Online. The camera is on an isometric angle, which can be turned 360 degrees so you can see your character from different angles. All the monsters I have seen so far have an animation when walking or standing still. Sometimes there are animations in the background or environment as well but these can be a little disturbing. I personally don’t like some of these animations because the animation is too fast which can be a pain to look at. Nonetheless, the graphics are good looking with some high res textures. It is also possible to zoom in to your character, the texture quality changes when zooming in though and doesn’t look as sharp as when you are zoomed out.



Cash Shop

The real money currency is called SparkCash and can be bought with various payment options. For $10.00 you can buy a total of 7000 SparkCash. You can buy different items for every gender in this game such as costumes, helmets, facial wear and capes. The equipment that you can buy has different stats and therefore boosts your character. Here are some examples you can buy with this much money. The prices of the costumes range from 870 to 3675 SparkCash. It is also possible to buy consumables, emoticons, enhancements (such as EXP boosts), lucky balls, weapons and items for a Wedding. The price for an EXP boost ranges from 655 to 7000 SparkCash and have  different lengths of time before the extra experience boost wears out. There are no level requirements for the items in the cash shop and therefore it feels rather overpowered in comparison with people that don’t buy from the cash shop.



Solstice Reborn is a well-polished game but it still does miss some content. As you can see there are a lot of features that do not work properly and the game feels far from finished. The website doesn’t provide enough information and it is hard to figure stuff out in this game. Nonetheless it is a game with a rich variety of items, quests and skills.

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