Splash Fighters US Interview: About New Updates

Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg.com writer
Answered by Ronnie Kim, project manager, NHN USA, Inc.

An interview was held with Ronnie Kim, project manager of NHN USA Inc. We got some wonderful insight on updates the game has received, functions and content in the game, and maybe even a little item-mall controversy! Read on to find out!

Onrpg: You will soon release the season two massive update! When do you plan to release it, and what new functions will players soon have access to?
We just released eight new functions in a massive update on Aug. 13. Some of the new functions added to SplashFighters are:

1. One-on-One Match Mode – The new one-on-one mode is a casual and easy way for players to have fun while fighting in SplashFighters. Players can battle random opponents in an exclusive new map for this mode!

2. Item Combine – Players are able to combine two items to make one totally new weapon. Sometimes you can even make accessories from items!

3. Lucky Shuffle – This is a new selection for Lucky Draw. Players will be given six cards with a prize drawn on it, and will have a maximum of three chances to pick the best card out of them.

4. Accessory Customize – With cards that have secret powers, you can customize your accessories and give them new mystical powers! There are many kinds of card s such as the Nobenore Card, that increases the status, or the dreadful Destorosso Card, which can either increase your powers or completely drain it all away.

Onrpg: Recently added as a new game to your roster, what player feedback have you been receiving for the title throughout the summer season?
People who have played SplashFighters recognize that we are committed to their entertainment.  As a result we always get a stream of compliments from thank for the frequent free items to general encouragement and praise for the gameplay. 

Splash Fighters Arena

Onrpg: What is SplashFighters all about? Is it a game made purely for casual gamers?
We would say that SplashFighters is a semi-casual 3D fighting game with many entertaining options that can fulfill both casual and hardcore needs. There is complaisant “Tutorial mode” ready for all beginners, and demanding “Challenge mode” allowing players to learn controls while having fun fighting with NPCs. And as soon as you are ready to fight with other players, you can enjoy “Tournament Mode” which provides many match-rules to compete with other players.

Onrpg: What sets SplashFighters apart from other fighting games? How is it unique?
Although the game focuses on 3D multi-player combat, SplashFighters also has well-balanced NPC challenges, and extensive customization functions. Other fighting scenarios can be single-player focused by using one of the functions mentioned above.

Onrpg: Could you please briefly explain player skins to us?
The “Skin” allows the player to create its own original avatar, without using any avatar parts. For example, there is no dragon avatar parts sold in shops, but in shops, you can find a “Dragon Skin” – turning the user  into a mighty-looking dragon.

Onrpg: There is known to be a skin editor in the game that allows for a wide variety of customization within the game. How efficient do you find this system?
“Skin Editor” allows the player to create a fully-original avatar by painting body parts and changing the 3D outlook. We think almost all of our players enjoy putting a little love into their own character. Though in other games, it tends to limit the fun of decorating their character by the number of avatar parts. But the skin system allows all player to have infinite possibilities when it comes to decorating their character, and it also helps to create the character into the perfect shape. The SplahFighter’s customization system has proved to be very efficient for players who want their one-and-only character.

Onrpg: How long is the learning curve for the game?
You can start having fun right away with either a challenge or fight as soon as you learn the controls through the provided tutorial. To progress to higher levels in the game, it might take you one or two more weeks, depending on your particular skill level.

Racing in Splash Fighters

Onrpg: How many areas can players duke it out in?
There are about 20 match-areas where players can duke it out in with other players. We add a new map about once a month, and we will continue to provide more and more challenging areas so that players can enjoy fresh and new situations every single game.

Onrpg: What updates have you planned for the future of this game? Are there any extensive add-ons to be made in the late future after this season two update?
We have found out that many people belong to a guild, and to vitalize the community, we are planning of adding a Guild Battle system which will allow Guild vs Guild battle. Also we plan to add more customization variety into the game, with a My Room system. This enables players to create rooms of their own, decorate them and invite friends.

Onrpg: What can players purchase in the item mall?
Players can purchase accessories, weapons, lucky draw cards and other optional items such as emotion-addition, guild-foundation, etc. There are more than 200 accessories players are able to purchase at shop. These accessories will help your character use unique or strong skills to defeat their enemies. Weapons will give players critical advantages during battles, and lucky draw cards will allow users to try their luck to gain rare accessories. There are many other items that players can purchase through the shop, and additional products will continue to pop up in the shops weekly.

Onrpg: Do players who purchase item mall currency have a distinctive advantage over non-paying players?
Although players can play and enjoy the game for free, items that users can purchase in the item mall will add more enjoyment to their gaming experience. For example, there are several accessories that players are able to buy with in- game currency, though item mall that will open a path to a variety of different accessories with massive powers and cool effects. Also Elite Styles, which is a character that has very powerful skills, can be purchased only in the item mall. To get an advantage over other players, the item mall is definitely the best way.

Onrpg: What do you do to promote social networking in Splash Fighters?
Guild system in the game, which we believe is the best networking community for SplashFighters and we are currently working on a tournament mode for guild users.

Splash Fighters Tournament

Onrpg: What do you enjoy most about the game?
As a player myself, I enjoy becoming friends with the player who had a great match with me. Since it is well balanced game, the matches are always a great time, and you will be able to make many friends if you wish to 🙂 Also, we hold events nearly once a month, and it is awesome to see players having a great time fighting with others, teaching techniques, and watching the breathtaking matches.

Onrpg: What character is your favorite, and why?
<y favorite character is Swordmaster. Swordmaster is the style that can use the Japanese blade, Katana, to slash enemies down. It has magnificent blade-work images of a real-samurai, and it is just nice looking at your cool outlook with edged-blade on its hand when you are the only one left standing in the arena.

Onrpg: Thank you for your time!

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