Star Supremacy: Thinking Outside the Box

Star Supremacy: Thinking Outside the Box

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Star Supremacy is a free-to-play massively multiplayer space conquest browser game. Developed by Barbily Game, Star Supremacy breathes new life into the MMORTS browser game genre with unique space based colony building and combat. This game recently went into beta and I decided to try it out.



When starting up the game you get asked a few story questions that will differentiate your path from other players. After the few questions you get to choose between three different factions: the UEO, the Altairian, and the Seeker. These factions all have different stories and bonuses that will help you throughout the game. Each faction has two different characters to choose from which have different stats as well. I went for the Altairian faction because they receive a bonus to their laser weapons which seemed like a win button for a space colonization game. After my choice I got asked to set right off or to start up with a tutorial on combat mechanics and colony management. I went with the tutorial and soon found myself the proud owner of a decent starting space colony to conduct future operations from. Note that building objects and buildings require real time to finish up. The time that it takes to develop can be speed up by using several items so you don’t have to wait before you can make your next move.



One way to lessen the boredom of waiting is to join with an Alliance and chat with other players. This also comes with many tangible bonuses you can receive, such as rewards for trading with members of your alliance. You can help each other with researching objects or buildings, conquering planetary bases, and watching each other’s backs when invasion forces attack you.



Earlier I mentioned that you get to choose a leader character for your colony. The leader of your Colony is able to level up and acquire different statistics that you can choose from. These stats all give you a special bonus for several different game aspects such as trade, research, construction, combat and production. The Leader is also able to put on different equipment that will help him or her in battle. You can also acquire more Leaders or dismiss your current leader but do so with care as it will have a major impact on your colony. There is a limit on the amount of leaders you can have based on the size of your colony. This gives you a huge incentive to grow your colony so you can acquire more leaders and bolster your special abilities to the max.



By colonizing new planets, you can access to various resources that unlock further units and buildings in your construction menu. There are several galaxies with planets to raid so the sky is no longer the limit! There are also different colonies on the map around you so feel free to make allies or destroy them if they get in your way. Just be cautious that you don’t make too many enemies because you can get besieged and lose portions of your extended colony.




Star Supremacy provides an unique browser game with tons of features that help differentiate it from this crowded genre. If you are a big fan of browser games where you build up your colony and research different tech, then Star Supremacy might show you things you’ve never seen before. The combat in particular is really well programmed and gives the player choices such as which weapon to use. Some weapons are specialized against certain armor types so having knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses makes all the difference in times of war. Star Supremacy is a fun time waster with addicting intergalactic colonization. It’s nice to see some companies attempting to break the mould on browser games instead of just copying and pasting from what’s already on the market.

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