Star Wars The Old Republic: Journey of a Sith VI

Star Wars The Old Republic: Alderaan

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



In my last article I welcomed a new companion that was willing to go with me on my journey, he was a former space pirate that was abandoned by his crew and is trying to do everything to get revenge. He goes by the name of Andronikos Revel, and I am glad to have him on board. He was willing to operate my space ship and fly everywhere I needed to be. I introduced him to the rest of the crew and together we planned our next move. It was time to go to Alderaan and help the locals with their ongoing civil war between two noble houses.



When flying above the planet Alderaan it reminded me of the planet Earth. Now some of you may think why is a planet named after dirt and how did it look like? That’s a roleplaying wormhole I’m not about to jump into so to cut to the chasem, Alderaan is a world mostly consisting of water. Alderaan is rather unique in the universe as it actually has weather dictated by seasons, including extremely snowy winter weather.



Before heading out of the spaceship, Darth Zash decided to stop me for a brief chat. Now I am a very patient being when it comes to people that stand higher than me. But I found her a little suspicious and feel the time of her expected betrayal may be drawing near. In my eyes she was still my master but now I feel more fear towards her than respect…




When I arrived at the space dock, I was welcome by the noble House of Thul. They had been briefed by my master of the artifact situation and were willing to help in my quest. It seemed the artifact was in hand of House Organa, a powerful rival of Thul. It seemed my master had sided with the wrong house as these houses had been at war with each other for quite some time, making it impossible for me to just request the artifact from House Organa. Instead my path to triumph seemed to follow the path of earning House Thul’s trust to gain support in taking the artifact from Organa by force.



The artifact was sealed in the private vault Elysium. The only key to break this seal unfortunately was in hands of a Jedi Master by the name of Nomar Organa who is a powerful, revered and insufferable man. But since I have become confident (cocky) from repeated successes I believed my skills were sufficient to overcome one petty Jedi Master. Of course rushing directly into battle is a mistake an inquisitor never makes. Together with the people from the House of Thul we searched for a few weaknesses since he was rumored to be the perfect Jedi. My first mission was to go to the library of the House of Alde. They are the devoted keepers of Alderaan’s history but also a close ally of the House of Organa, meaning this would be anything but a quiet trip to the archives.




I found a personal hologram that had some background info about Nomar and his plans of getting married. He chickened out, the coward, and went to join the Jedi Order while the love of his life was standing at the altar. This all happened around 30 years ago but Rehanna was still around on Alderaan. She has an assassin academy with the deadliest assassins on Alderaan and the plan was to get her Nomar Organa to Alderaan.



When arriving at her place I quickly realized my presence was not welcome and quite a battle ensued as I forced my way to her private chambers. Rehanna wasn’t any more hospitable than her guards so I was forced to subdue her, and she didn’t go quietly. After a strenuous clash she finally gave up and decided to help things out because Nomar Organa wasn’t worth dying for. She called him up and told him to meet her at a special place. Unfortunately I had no idea of this special place and decided to heat things up and strike her with a lightning strike. The lightning strike never fails in extracting information, and she coughed up the coordinates but refused to join me in the slaughter. For safety reasons I decided to end her useless life to ensure no loose ends were left on this case.




The coordinates led me to a cave and Nomar Organa figured things out quite fast. He wasn’t happy to see a Sith, and we skipped the useless banter. Unfortunately for him I am quite strong, and I had plenty to prove by bringing down the so-called perfect Jedi. My ego driven motivation was well placed as I took down Nomar without breaking a sweat. Just as I began to celebrate the leader of the House of Thul called me and told me the House of Organa was planning an attack on them. I told her I didn’t have time to waste and said she had to deal with her own problems because it was none of my concerns.



To get to the Elysium I had to find myself a spaceship that would bring me up to the vault. It didn’t take me long to find this ship and I was ready to depart to a strange place. Without any trouble I found the artifact and it was time to pack my bags and depart away from Alderaan, or so I thought. My master was furious at me that I didn’t help the House of Thul and unfortunate things transpired due to my absence. I told her I didn’t care since it has no impact on my mission to retrieve the artifact, immediately silencing her to her normal calm demeanor. So ended my time on the beautiful world that reminded me of Earth.

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