Starcraft 2: Journey to Diamond League Wk4

My Journey to Diamond League- Week 4

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist




I’m back for another week of Starcraft 2 goodness and ready to make a recovery after my miserable showing in week 3 of my Journey to the Diamond League. If you missed my last update, you can check it out HERE. I studied up all the pros’ videos over the weekend and went into each match this week with tactics, map awareness, and build orders ready to go.



Week 4

Games played: 19

Initial Rank: Bronze – 8

Final Rank: Bronze – 7

Win/Loss: 13 / 6


Although I had a positive win to loss ratio, I did not achieve my goal of rank 4. I was busy throughout the whole week and had little time to play before I went to sleep. At the end of the week I was just one to three wins away from achieving rank 5 because ranks 5 to 8 were very close in points.


My first game this week went great. I was up against a Terran player that refused to expand. The only time he expanded his base was when his main base ran out of resources. I knew he would eventually have to expand so I waited it out and denied every attempt at expansion! He was never able to successfully expand and slowly ran out of money. It did take some time because I only had ground units so his banshees got annoying. However, after my Hydralisks Den was complete the game was over. Let us just hope the rest of the week goes well; I need to make up for last week.



I finally got the chance to play a long and epic macro game. As I had mentioned during previous weeks, longer macro games seldom happen at the lower level because my opponents tend to try and end games quickly. During this game I had the honor to attack first. My army consisting of roaches, banelings and Zerglings were broken by a grand formation of marines and tanks.


However losses were heavy on both sides. I continued to expand my bases and produce workers while denying my opponent from getting a third expansion. I had a huge economic lead as the game progressed because his bases were beginning to dry up on minerals. Near the end game my army consisted of roaches, banelings and infestors while he had marines, thors and tanks. I split my army’s focus so that the roaches killed the tanks, banelings killed the marines and infestors mind controlled the thors. My army was too strong for my opponent and he was forced to concede. I love Neural Parasite.


Marines are in Trouble!

My next opponent was a Zerg who was trying out the Day[9] Funday Monday. Day[9] is a very popular Starcraft caster and has his own show. Each Monday he sets special limitations for players and players try to play with those limitations. The best matches are commented on his show. This week the limitation was that Zerg could only attack on creep. Knowing this I continued to expand and gain an economic lead since I knew he could not attack me. I had a huge lead in income with a gold base and ended up winning the game.



Doesn’t Hurt to Ask.

The following game against a Protoss has to be the strangest game I have ever played. At the beginning of the game he continued to attack with Zealots. I held off the attacks and continued to drone because I thought I was in the lead. However, the Protoss player set up cannons to take out destructible metal very early on and setup a hidden base. Since my opponent was only sending Zealots my way and did not even use warp gate technology, I did not suspect anything when I saw no expansion as I thought it was a new player. Underestimating my opponent cost me the game because he had three undetected star ports at his hidden base while I had no anti air. After destroying his main, I finally realized about his hidden expansion because he was smart to not reveal his air units. There were too many cannons and void rays for me to finish him off. I was forced to concede. While he did have an interesting strategy, if I had scouted his expansion earlier it would have been an easy victory. I cannot believe I lost to that!



Due to the season 2 lock, no real progress will be seen until the beginning of Season 3. Instead of gaining ranks as intended, I dropped from rank 5 to rank 8 and have just barely returned to rank 7 today. Overall I would say that playing very late at night has gotten the better of me the last 2 weeks. The sleepier you get, the slower your reaction time.


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