Starcraft 2: Journey to Diamond League Wk5

My Journey to Diamond League Week 5

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist




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Week 5

Games played: 6

Initial Rank: Bronze – 7

Final Rank: Bronze – 3

Win/Loss: 5/1


The fifth week in my journey to diamond league was a busy one. I did not have a lot of free time because of work so I could not play a lot of games. Fortunately most of the games I played ended up as victories. With just six games, I managed to jump from rank 7 to rank 3 in my bronze division.


I enjoyed my first game of the week a lot because I got to try overlord drops for the very first time. At the beginning of the game, I continued to enhance my economy by producing a lot of drones and only producing defenses once I saw an attack coming. I feel I did a good job with scouting in this game as nothing came as a surprise. At one point I was sitting around his army with my burrowed roaches. The instant the tanks unsieged, they were done for.


In the late game, as my opponent’s army was advancing towards my base I loaded up a lot of overlords with roaches and flew to his base. Since his army was out of position, I managed to overrun his base. I cannot wait to try out baneling drops!



The next day I played against a Terran; Zerg vs. Terran is my best matchup. My opponent was not bad but he made the mistake of staying on two bases for far too long. Knowing this I continued to expand and eventually took a gold base. Although he managed to take out my main base’s lair, it did not matter because those resources were almost depleted. Since I had an economic lead I continued to send roaches, zerglings and infestors at him. The infestors made quick work of his marines while the Zerglings and roaches killed the tanks. He was forced to concede.



There goes your income!

The following game was the only loss of the week. I made sure to continuously scout my Protoss opponent but unfortunately I did not send my final overlord deep enough. He had a hidden starport near the edge of his base. I was not expecting air units and was forced to concede because I had no way to fight back.


The final ladder game of the week was against a Terran who loved to train marines. That was the only unit he made the entire game. My infestors loved it.


I also partook in an open SC2 tournament. I was not expecting to win but I signed up anyways because I thought it might provide good practice. My plan was to get my games casted so that I could get some feedback but unfortunately no casters were available.


My first match in the tournament was against a Terran. I was happy because this was my best matchup and was confident I could win. The terran was not a bad player and at times I thought I would have to concede. Fortunately my roaches, banelings and infestors were able to overrun his base. He had a good tank line but neural parasite turned it against him. I feel that if I did not research neural parasite, I would have lost the game.


I was knocked out when I played a Zerg on an unfamiliar map; GSL_Bel’Shir Beach. I had never played this map before so I did not know what to expect or what strategies to employ. To make it even worse, ZvZ is my worst matchup. I lost to a Zergling all in. After the match I found out that my opponent also hated ZvZ. His advice was to simply do a zergling all in. I do not know if I will do that because I like to play longer macro games.


I only managed to make it to the third round of the tournament.



My tournament bracket.

Tournament: Knocked out round 3. TvZ – W (Overran base with roaches, banelings and infestors) ZvZ – L (Zergling all-in)


I really wish I had more time to play SCII this week. Only playing six games does not help a lot towards my journey to diamond league. Next week the ladder will be unlocked, I refuse to get placed into bronze league again!


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