Steel Division 2 Delayed Until June, Beta Phase 3 Starts Today

Eugen Systems revealed today that the Steel Division 2 launch had to be pushed back. The Standard Edition will now release on June 20th, and the Digital Deluxe will arrive on June 18th, 2019. This decision was not made lightly though. The ultimate reason was to focus on improving the “Army General” mode. This mode is shaping up to be a game within a game, and Steel Division 2 fans can expect more details on this in the coming month.

This new release date will also allow Eugen Systems to focus on direct requests from players, for more frequent and extended beta phases. On that note, today (April 18th, 2019) will start Beta 3, which will run until April 23rd, 2019. On May 29th, the Steel Division 2 beta will remain uninterrupted until the June 20th launch. But what’s in this current beta?


  • Four Divisions: The 20. Panzerdivision, the 29th Tank Corps, as well as the 78. Sturmdivision, the 26th Guards Rifle Division
  • Three Game Modes: Conquest, Closer Combat and Breakthrough, featuring the brand-new Defensive Structures
  • Three Maps: Autobahn zur Hölle, Vitebsk East (now updated with new lighting, a new mini-map, and a lot of fixes) and the well-known Orsha North
  • And of course, more 5-Player coop


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