Storytelling and Tactical Combat Combine in Ash of Gods

OnRPG_ Storytelling and Tactical Combat Combine in Ash of Gods - Coming in 2018

Coming in 2018 from Aurum Dust, Ash of Gods combines deep storytelling and tactical RPG gameplay to bring an exciting experience. Ash of Gods features a mix of gorgeous art, lush music, tactical combat, and a powerful story that plays out via dialogue driven layer interaction. Depending upon a player’s decisions, no two playthroughs of the game will be the same. It will offer both PVP and PVE multiplayer modes, an AI that constantly learns from players, and beautiful hand-drawn graphics. That combined with roguelike storytelling to make each experience unique, Ash of Gods promises to be a unique turn-based RPG. The game features a story based on the complexity and ambiguity of moral choice where any of the characters in game can die. Like in real life, it’s very hard to predict all the consequences of the choices you make. Momentary benefits may cost a character a life, while sacrifice will make the walkthrough of one of following episodes easier.

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