Subnautica Teams Up With Steam to Support Whale/Dolphin Conservation on World Oceans Day


The developers of Subnautica are trying to make a difference this World Oceans Day, by running a weekend sale with Steam. This will help raise funds for the conservation charity WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation). From June 7th till June 11sth (10 am PST), Subnautica will be available for 20% off of the regular price of 24.99. 15% of the net developer profits will go directly to WDC to support work all over the world. The game can be found right here.

Subnautica invites players to descend into the depths of a fascinating underwater world filled with wonder and peril. After crash-landing on an uncharted world, explorers will navigate a wide array of ocean biomes in search of answers. From sun-drenched coral reefs to deep-sea trenches, the surroundings and life forms change as they delve deeper – posing new threats.

Head of Strategic Partnerships at PWE, Whitney Henderson, said: “It’s really exciting for us to be able to work with WDC on the Oceans Day promotion and to be able to use Subnautica to help make a difference. Only this week, a pilot whale in Thailand died of starvation after eating 80 plastic shopping bags that he had mistaken for food so it’s wonderful to have the chance to increase awareness of the important work that WDC does to help keep our seas healthy and to give players the chance to donate to such a great cause.”


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