Sudden Attack Interview: A Straightforward and True FPS

Sudden Attack Interview: A Straightforward and True FPS

Questions by Vincent Haoson, Onrpg Journalist
Answered by …Hyun-Suk, Seo  (Sudden Attack Product Manager)


With the year winding down, it would seem that there’s no stopping company’s from dishing out game after game. One such example is Sudden Attack which has just gone commercial last September. We have been given the opportunity to knock on their door and ask how’s the game faring with about three months of operations under its belt.


Onrpg: Sudden Attack has just started its commercial operations last September, how has the game fared now that operations have reached a few month of play?
We’ve been seeing some promising numbers with steady increase, but we still have a lot of catching up to do. Of course, there are certain limitations that we have being a late runner in the FPS market in North America, but there are many gamers who haven’t had a chance to experience online FPS games yet. Sudden Attack is simple and straightforward, delivering all the key essence and fun of a true FPS, better than any other FPS games out on the market.


New Released Map in Sudden Attack

Recently Released Map in Sudden Attack


Onrpg: How has been the overall response of the players?
Gamers from all over the world are connecting to our North America server and playing Sudden Attack. We hope that the users will thoroughly enjoy all the maps we offer, but there are certain weapons and maps that our users seem to prefer more. Also, there are issues involving game security which we need to improve on. We are definitely concerned about these issues and working around the clock to further improve our services. 


Onrpg: Can you give players who have not yet joined the game an idea what kind of community systems you have included in Sudden Attack?
We always encourage our users to actively use the Clan and Forum boards. If you are playing the game, and run into certain issues, the chances are, others have experienced those exact same issues as well. Our game forums are a place where users can exchange information and share know-how. Joining a Clan is also a great idea. Getting help from another user who is more experienced in the game can be helpful. An online game community is always an exciting place where you can meet new people and have a more enticing gaming experience.


Onrpg: How important would the community be in the game’s overall development?
The community is one of the most vital aspects in developing the game. Not only do we gather users’ opinions and suggestions, but it plays a very crucial part in the success of the game.


Onrpg: How many weapons are there in the game’s weaponry? How big do you plan the weaponry would reach as the game continues on with operations?
Currently around 50 different equipment and weapons are available. We’re planning on expanding this list, as we continue our service.


Onrpg: Can you tell us what factors do you consider in choosing the weapons that come out?
When adding a new weapon, we first consider the direction of our future updates and developments, and a way to create synergy through the new weapon. Then we consider how the weapon would look in a first-person perspective and of course the popularity of the weapon. Lastly we decide on the specifications of the gun, and work on game balancing.


Sniping or Close Combat

Sniping or Close Combat


Onrpg: Can you give us an overview on what Sudden Attack’s system has in store for clans?
We have various items, such as Clan Emblem Change, Clan Name Change items. Also, we are preparing special Clan items which we will be included in the future updates.


Onrpg: What do you think would be the game’s main draw? Why do you think so? On the game’s future
Currently, one of Sudden Attack’s most appealing points is that it’s a light game where any user can easily pick up and start playing. Because of that, in the beginning it can be very self-oriented game play. However, we believe as users get better, it will become much more Clan oriented. For example, right now, users prefer Deathmatch modes in maps like “Warehouse” where the action is fast and easy to start. But as time passes, the game will progress to a more strategic manner that requires team-play, such as Bomb Plantation mode.


Onrpg: With MMO FPS coming out of the woodwork, what can you say that Sudden Attack has that the other don’t? Why?
We pride ourselves in having the best FPS game with fast-pace action and superb controls over our competitors. Also, our secondary weapon, melee weapon system gives a more satisfying action experience when compared to other FPS games on the market.


Onrpg: With Sudden Attack still new to the market, what steps are you planning to take on to catch up to the other games of the same genre?
We believe constant contents update and events will increase user satisfaction.  Therefore, ensuring our users’ satisfaction is our primary concern.


Onrpg: Would Sudden Attack be spearheading any live events anytime soon? Could you give us an idea what events you have in mind?
We are planning on opening an Online Clan Tournament in December. Starting with this Tournament, we’re planning on having various tournaments and events for our users to participate and have fun.


Tournament Competitions

Work Together during Tournaments


Onrpg: What’s in store for Sudden Attack in the coming months ahead?
A new game mode will be introduced in early December. A new map will be added, which will only allow for 1 of the weapon system (Primary, Secondary, Melee) to be used. In this new mode, named Submission Mode, depending on the game type, let it be the sniper rifle or the knife; only one weapon will be allowed to be used. The addition of this new game mode, will create so called, “specialist” in certain weapons. It is completely different from the previous game modes, so users should expect something really exciting.


Onrpg: What further changes would be included in the succeeding patches of Sudden Attack?
New game mode, New weapons, and New maps will be introduced in the near future.


Onrpg:  Thank you for your time!

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