SUN Online Interview: Content Updates and New Class

SUN Online Interview: Content Updates and New Class
Questions by
Jeffrey Kerkdijk, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Daye Jeon, Global S.U.N Marketer


SUN Online has been out for several months now, we think it’s a great game as you could read in our review. However, We still had a few questions about SUN, when are we getting the new ” shadow ”  class? What makes SUN so different  from other MMORPG’s? What content can we expect to see in SUN this year? Read on to find out how these questions are answered!


OnRPG: How did the final Beta Tests of SUN go up to the release?
The beta test went very smooth. Thanks to S.U.N’s wide success in Asia, a great number of users from all over the world came to test the international version. We had so many players in such a short time that we even had to add more servers. One of critical issues we have learned during the beta test was that gamers from Europe were experiencing lags due to server location in Asia. In order to improve the quality of the game play we actually set up additional servers in Europe after the release. We also noticed that a high percentage of gamers come from non-English speaking countries, so we have been preparing a multi-language service to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.


OnRPG: What phase of release can we expect next for SUN after the game is fully released? 
This year, 2010, is going to be a major key year for Global S.U.N. In the first quarter of 2010, the level-up limits will be lifted up to 115 from previous 100. Also new playing fields will be added along with 150 additional quests. Coming up in the second quarter, the new character class ‘Shadow’ will be introduced as well as the multi-language service, plus more quests and higher level-up limit. By the end of 2010 we expect that there will be about one thousand new quests. We also hope to offer more localized content that will reflect the cultural diversity in Global S.U.N such as Rio Carnival and UNICEF event which we held previously.


OnRPG: There seems to be a big hype around a new character class called “The Shadow”. Is there any word of a release date for this class in the global version of the game? 
There have been numerous questions about this new class-. To briefly explain, ‘Shadow’ is a runaway from the imperial army ‘Imperial Herald’ with combined characteristics of ‘assassin’ and ‘sorcerer.’ Main weapons are daggers and whip swords, and dark and curse skills are available to give additional damage to the opponents. Shadow is a specialized faction for gamers that prefer a single play-I’d even say that it is the most beloved character among solo players in Asia. For readers of OnRPG, I’d like to give out exclusive information; There will be four kinds of equipment stats of ‘Shadow’-STR>INT, INT>STR, STR+Curse, STR+Dark. Shadow can be a dark sorcerer that brings dead monsters back into life, or a fearless assassin. While Shadow is a specialized class to play solo, it will also play a main part as a damage dealer in hunting parties.


SUN Soul of the Ultimate Nation


OnRPG: What is your favorite feature of SUN online? (please explain your answer) 
First of all, I love Global S.U.N’s exquisite graphic quality, especially the beautiful environment scenes and fine characters. Moreover, Global S.U.N engages players like no other game does. While going along the storylines of the game, you will find yourself completely emerged in game. The intense, fast and thrilling combat is also another favorite game feature of mine.


OnRPG: What makes SUN so different from the mainstream type of MMORPG?
Global S.U.N’s story driven quests makes the game stand out among other MMORPGs. When playing, players feel as if they are reading a fantasy novel. By following the quests and completing the missions, players will become heroes and there is no grinding needed during the entire course. Global S.U.N just offers so much fun and unique experience that becomes unforgettable.


OnRPG: What kind of content can we expect to see from SUN in the future?
Currently, we have plans to update approximately one thousand new quests in the year of 2010, along with multi-language service. (For your information-S.U.N official website is already available in French and German.) Besides the numerous updates which mentioned above, we plan to provide more localized content for global gamers.


OnRPG: For those that aren’t familiar with SUN online, what is so special about the combat mechanics of this game? 
There are two distinct features of the combat mechanics. 


#1 Customization of Combat Style. At Global S.U.N, gamers can develop their own “Hack and Slash” battle style by combining skills and stats. Fast character movements, visually vibrant effects, and thrilling sound effects maximize the intensity of each combat. Special skill effects such as a stun and a critical hit also add more thrill in combats.


#2 Battle Zone System.  In Soul of the Ultimate Nation’s Battle Zone System, users are able to choose a map, difficulty, number of participants, and reward type to personalize the battle and dungeon. In addition, Battle Zone System can also be used for Mission, Hunting, PVP or Event.


OnRPG: The descriptions on the site say “Story driven Quest” what can we expect of those quests? Can you reveal a little of the story for us? 
Story driven quests draw users into the world of Global S.U.N. As the story unfolds, players will be directed into harsher and tougher tasks. They can feel as if they are really dwelling on a real adventure while completing missions and quests. The main scenario is centered on the conflict between the immortal emperor ‘Schwartz Pramme’ and ‘Ignis’ a mysterious leader of resistance force ‘The Guidance’. When players first enter Global S.U.N, they will be introduced to Esod village as a new member of ‘The Guidance’. As they follow the quests, they will learn more about the empire and the stories behind the immortal emperor.


SUN Soul of the Ultimate Nation


OnRPG: One of the things I noticed during the beta test was that the more people there were on the map, the higher the spawn rate of the monsters on the map was, is this a distinct feature of SUN online? Could you tell us a bit more about this? 
That is a very acute observation. We have a special artificial intelligence system that adapts the spawn rate and level of monsters to number of gamers in the zone to maximize the fun of party play.


OnRPG: Any final words for our readers at  
Global S.U.N possesses a console style graphics and yet brings out all the key MMORPG features. It’s very easy to follow, and we are sure that even the first-time MMORPG player would be able to enjoy SUN! As you go along the quests, you will become a veteran player in no time! Global S.U.N is free to play, so come visit and don’t miss out on the great fun of Global S.U.N!


OnRPG: Thank you for your time!
Thank you very much for this opportunity!

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