Switchblade Reveals A New Fighter Vehicle, Sundog

Switchblade New Vehicle - Sundog

A new sun-fuelled, star-powered fighter is making its way into Switchblade, the 5v5 vehicle combat MOBA. This new vehicle hits the game today, and the scientists at the Super-Cern high energy physics lab decided to take their project to the pro leagues. Harnessing the power of its self-contained star, the Sundog has a wide array of utility, and its abilities are listed below.

Sundog Abilities:

  • 1: Main Weapon: Phase Array – A solid mid-range hitscan with a high Attack Speed.
  • 2: Primary Ability: Fusion Core – The Sundog gathers matter from its micro-star and launches it in a straight line; all enemies in range of Core’s AoE take damage.
  • 3: Secondary Ability: Nano Banner – The Sundog drives a syringe into the ground, releasing a swarm of nanobots that heal all allies in range.
  • 4: Super Weapon: Solar Flare – This channels the micro-star’s energy into a single concentrated beam that deals damage and knocks enemy vehicles back.
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