Tangledeep Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018

Impact Gameworks have announced that their roguelike dungeoncrawler, Tangledeep will be heading ot the Nintendo Switch in early 2018! Additional news about the 16-bit inspired dungeoncrawler will be on the way in the coming months. But there’s content for the Steam version of the game as well! The latest update to Tangledeep introduces players to the Monster Corral, wherein players are now able to capture any monster and add them to their very own in-game corral located in Riverstone Grove. Each monste rhas its own stats and traits, and will respond to the various monsters in the corral differently. But take proper care of them and they will become affectionate, willingly entering the labynth of Tangledeep with you. Monster Breeding will come with this update, sharing traits/characteristics/stats of their parents. Want to breed your ideal monster? Now’s the time!

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