Tannenberg Confirms The WW1 FPS Coming to Console

Tannenberg COming to Console

Tannenberg’s team confirmed today that their WW1 FPS title is on the way both Xbox One and Playstation 4 this winter. Tannenberg is the second entry in their WW1 Game Series, following their Western Front shooter, Verdun. They strive to keep the accuracy of weapons, uniforms in environments in this, as they did with Verdun. The gameplay in Tannenberg is different to Verdun to reflect the different nature of warfare in the East. Instead of attacking and defending trench lines, you will face more open maps with a choice of sectors to attack, each offering a strategic benefit.

Before Tannenberg arrives on consoles, there will be a huge update to Verdun on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, bringing all the new squads, maps, bots and other improvements from the PC version of the game to console players.

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