Tantra Global Interview: A Touch of Hinduism

Questions by Rick Charbs (Jammart), Onrpg writer

Answered by Dennis, Tantra Global M

Tantra Online is an MMORPG released in late 2008 by Game Networks. Dennis, a member of the Tantra Global Team, kindly answered some questions for us. “The Tantra Global plot is inspired by oriental countries. The touch of Hinduism and ancient Indian cultures has been gathered to inspire this game.” said Dennis. As you can see, the setting of the game is of great importance for this game… but that is definitely not their only focus. Also focusing with great priority on the community, the Tantra team is very integrated in participating with their players. Read on to find out more!

Onrpg: Congratulations on completing the beta phases of your game! What have you accomplished in terms of bug fixing and game arrangements since then?

Dennis: Thank you, as of now connection problems started from OBT was now fixed. It’s one of the things that we really focused on for the players. Minor bugs occurred but our developers are fixing it now. For the arrangement, since Tantra Global is in its original settings unlike other servers (especially private servers), we slightly increased the experience rate so that it wouldn’t be that hard for players in grinding. Players need to enjoy and that’s what we’re aiming for as always.

Onrpg: What new additions have you made to the game since its commercial launch?

Dennis: Since commercial Launch we opened our Item Mall for the premium items and make it available in-game. Newest features of Tantra had been released like in-game email system, Ashram (guild) Search Board and Party Search Board. Unique events and promoting new items every month to keep the players interested.

Onrpg: What are some of the different environments/regions of the game?

Dennis: The Tantra Global plot is inspired by oriental countries. The touch of Hinduism and ancient Indian cultures has been gathered to inspire this game. Reliving of ancient times with gods and its powers (Chakras) can be felt while playing the game. Through its environment, almost all designs and architectures that can be seen was derived from the real ones that exist long time ago.

Onrpg: Could you please explain the God system in detail? What advantages do players have for choosing a certain God to follow?

Dennis: God System is where you have to choose from three (3) gods, Shiva Brahma and Vishnu. Believing in God you choose means you have to defend their temple and fight the other Gods to earn “Caste”. Levelling Caste will give you a chance to have God Skills that will make you owning and powerful. Seeing your character name in the rankings is the most important to many players where the highest Caste level character will be post. This is the most anticipated by the players which will be going to be available soon.

Onrpg: Is this game very PvP oriented? Are there any large scale guild battles?

Dennis: Tantra Global has many PVP battles in which you’ll sweat your hands on holding your mouse and keyboard. From God War (God to God PVP), to Castle Siege: Owning Biryu Castle (to be in control of game economy: taxes in shops and vends) and Fortress War (to own Dungeons with high experience rate and lots of rare item drops). We also have our upcoming events that will be in battle based for them to test their characters if it really is strong enough to be in top.

Onrpg: Could you please offer us some information of the Progeny of Gods event?

Progeny of Gods event is an event where GMs representing each god will help players in winning the “Kala”. It’s a stone in the middle of the map of Kruma (PVP map) where they have to destroy in order for them to open a portal going to a certain Map called “Karya” in which monsters were tough but gives very high experience rate. First god who can destroy this Kala can only be the one to enter in Karya. These GM characters or the so called offspring of the Gods will kill anyone to help their believers in obtaining Kala. We held this event every Wednesdays and Saturdays this month in times of God War.

Onrpg: What other events did you hold during this holiday season?

Dennis: Last Holiday season we did our 7 Days of Tantra event were you can trade loot items to accessories and premium items. A fan site making contest back to back with Tournament bouts and lots of gift box dropped in any map in exchange of other items and experience. And a Big Christmas Tree in main Village with good music of Christmas to feel the spirit of the holiday season.

Onrpg: Will players have to rely on partying to level, or is soloing an option?

Dennis: Playing with others is more fun than alone thus we encourage them to be in party when levelling up. Though you can do it in solo in other maps, we do recommend them to do the quests instead.

Onrpg: How much can one customize his or her character?

Dennis: Variety of armours set and weapons that will depend on your level with different looks in every gender and a choice of customizing your hair style and face is enough to say that every character has its own uniqueness according on how you customize it.

Onrpg: What is the crafting system like in this MMORPG?

Dennis: Crafting in Tantra Global is almost same in other MMORPG but it is one of the most exciting parts of the game. Upgrading your weapons and armours to a certain level and refinement may cost you a lot of in-game money (rupiah), chances and luck may vary also in this system, failure will cost your items lost or disappear. Succeeding it especially from +12 will be declared in the whole map that will activate experience festival 50% increase for an hour. Accessories and other items can be refined through quests.

Onrpg: Gambling is a unique feature in Tantra Global. How do players gamble in the game?

Players can access this feature by simply going to a certain Map called Biryu and visiting NPC Curio Dealer Dive. The NPC simply sells dust items. These items can be activated into another random item. You can get high weapons with upgrades and refinements but you can also get crappy items. You can depend on your luck in doing this feature.

Onrpg: What benefits do players have for purchasing premium items?

Dennis: Premium items will benefit you a lot especially in refining weapons and armours. It also gives the players an advantage in levelling and in hunting for they can use premium item that can only obtain in Item Mall like charms and other items that will add to your stats increasing your defences and resistant against other damages. There are potions that give recovery rate and items that resurrect you when you die. You can even customize your looks by changing your hair and face according to your style.

Onrpg: What in your opinion makes this MMORPG stand out from the rest?

Dennis: It is the only game that incorporates a battle system with polytheism that originated in oriental parts of the world, particularly from the Indian Mythology and Hinduism. Thus it requires a lot of team work, but at the same time, you should be able to stand out among your fellow disciples.

Onrpg: What is your favorite character class, and why?

Dennis: Every character class has its own vital role in the game. One class can be a combo of another and vice versa. It can also be the opposite in which first one to miss in PVP match dies. I guess every class is my favourite.

Onrpg: What will we see in the future of this title?

Dennis: One Tantra …Tantra Global…The choice of your heart…

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