Tantra Online Review

by Rick Charbs

Tantra Online is a MMORPG that is not considered fresh on the MMO market. It had been previously introduced internationally, having more or less faded success. Though, after many attempts, Game Networks decided to bring it back globally, and released it in closed beta this past week. The closed beta phase 2 was released on October 9, with many improvements and lots of player feedback. It will remain completely free, with optional cash shop purchasing available in the future full release. Based on Buddhism and Hinduism, this game revolves around ancient Asia. I logged into this game expecting so little, having tried this game many-a-time ago, and left with a broader view on this title.

Basic game play
Known as a PVP MMORPG, Tantra Online does not show a unique approach to gaming. Developed more than four years ago, this game does not conform to the new styles of game development. It is highly disliked for its traditional style (known as generic by most) by some audiences; however there is a great community in-game that finds certain joy playing this classic title. Tantra Online features four classes that each branch off twice. There are many skill sets and stat builds per class, which is a pretty nice touch, when wanting to make your character unique. However, your character’s physical attributes will be rather dull, and you will look identical to someone of the same class branch. There are many different armour types though, to ensure some sort of difference between player characters.
As previously stated, Tantra Online is a game you’ll want to play if you can see past this sort of generic feel, and love to kick player butt! The PVP systems in this game are very elaborate and highly entertaining. Training is usually fairly easy, so it won’t take you long to reach the required level to PVP effectively. Knowing this, Tantra players play for the stimulating experiences they will live when they are capable to fight other worthy players, God Wars being one of the most popular features. God Wars is a siege type PVP mode, consisting in two large teams opposing each other for supremacy. A lot of teamwork is involved and every class compliments another quite efficiently, boosting cooperation and general enjoyment of PVP in the game.

Tantra Online has actually brought innovation in the questing department- for the most part. God Quests are an important feature of the game. They consist of an average generic quest/storyline that results in a hefty reward- god skill points. Depending on the type of god you chose to follow, you will gain special skills through your questing, mainly used for PVP. However, aside from these unique quests, everything is terribly generic, kill x monsters, gather y items. You may want to stay clear.

Graphics and sound
Okay, so the graphics and the sound of this game are not the greatest. You may come to judge them both too quickly, but I suggest you give them time to grow on you. The sound is arguably of horrible quality. If you really dislike it, you can just replace it with a media player. As for the graphics, they should not be looked over so easily. They are quite old and are not of the greatest quality even on high settings, but they are also decent enough for a casual game. The lack of high end graphics also ensures the game will run quickly, and that does not mean the game looks bad. Sure the environments are bland and could be re-textured, but the skills are very flashy and entertaining to watch. The equipment your character wears can also be very appealing to the eye. This game offers a wide range of players due to this. Almost any computer now-days can run this simplistic game.

Personal Recommendation
At first glance, I will honestly admit I thought this game was going to be utterly horrible. It was not the greatest gaming experience of my life, but it was decent enough to consider it an okay game. Game Networks is a great publishing company, and I am positive they will induce many users to play this game. Their support was always of high quality. When I had a question, they would personally answer it for me in-game right away. I learned how to play the game so quickly due to this. This company actually cares of their players. They are one of the very few game companies that have finally understood the concept of better service equals better community. I cannot stress enough how satisfied I was with their service.
Some of this game’s content is surprisingly unique; however it seems bewildered in its overseen gameplay style. The Asian historical MMORPGS are very abundant, thus shading this game from the public quite a bit. This does not take away the authenticity of the game: it is one of the very first of its kind developed in 3D.
Considering you enjoy PVP, you have no loss in trying out this game. The closed beta features 100x exp, that’s right 100x. You will be able to integrate into the PVP atmosphere of this game RIGHT away! It is fun, interactive, and very casual. If you dislike fighting other players, you will most certainly not find your place in this game seeing as the AI and quest system is simply not enough for the average PVE player. You will get bored fast, and these days there are just too many alternative MMORPGs to hop in, rather than waste your time on this particular one. I, for one, only enjoy PVE. Thus, this game is just not my cup of tea, and I do not plan on playing it any further. The things I have really enjoyed in this experience were the classes’ skills and the in-game support. I suggest you give this game a chance during the closed beta at the very least- you have nothing to lose- the server is filled with eager players ready to wage war. You will be spending little to no time training, and thus you will be able to live the true gaming experience Tantra Online offers.

– Great character skill builds
– Interesting twist on questing (God Quests)
– Fun PVP

– Severely outdated graphics and sound
– Generic for the most part
No customization

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