Techlandia is an Upcoming Tabletop Game of Smartphones and Horror

Techlandia Announcement

Techlandia is an upcoming board game by Dan Ackerman and recently begun a quest for Kickstarter funding. The focus of the game is the powerful Techlandia corporation, which is run by CEO Dexter Ward. The controversial Dexter wants to use his companies latest smartphone to take over the world. It’s up to a handful of little-known tech bloggers to stand in his way. They’ll need to find clues, deal with tech company executives, and avoid the Reality Distortion Field.

Techlandia is presently on Kickstarter, which can be found at this link. Designed by a longtime tech journalist, author and TV news talking head, Dan Ackerman wishes to tackle digital and tech themes with a more analog approach. Ackerman, author of the award-winning game history book The Tetris Effect, says, “The game takes a classic Douglas Adams satire vibe, adds a dose of Lovecraftian horror, and combines it with our obsession over smartphones, spyware, digital privacy and hacking.”

In Techlandia will have 1-4 players infiltrating the high-tech HQ of Techlandia, and through investigating key locations, fighting and defeating cultish employees, they can decipher a set of QR code fragments. After scanning the correct code, they can gain access to the phone launch event. Failure means they will likely be arrested for trespassing. Oh, and the world could end too.

Key Features:
  • Supports solo or multiplayer
  • Fits on a normal human-sized table (apartment-dwellers rejoice!)
  • Working QR code cards to scan with your phone
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