Ten Most Awesome Mounts in MMORPGs

Ten Most Awesome Mounts in MMORPGs
By Kei Beneza (dividelife) & Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalists


Mounts, love them or hate them you’d never really see a MMORPG without them. They’ve become the new status quo for MMORPGs. Players get the idea on how high a level or how much time, money or both they have spent on your game simply through the mounts they possess. The fun thing about mounts is that, even if their primary function is the same, the types of mounts you encounter vary depending on the genre or the type of game you’re playing. There are different kinds of mounts in each game, allowing players to pick the one that works for them.


We have compiled a list of mounts that we consider awesome among the vast number of MMORPGs out there. We’ll be giving our thoughts on why we think it’s awesome or not. But before that I must say though that there may be a whole lot of other mounts we may have missed, there’s too many games out there and me and Kei are just two people with limited but varied experience in a lot of MMORPGs out there so do drop us a message if you think you have a mount you consider awesome and we can do a part II of the article!


Now, here’s the run down-drum rolls please…


10) Riding Lizard – NeoSteam

The first mount in our list is from the F2P game, NeoSteam. This mount is a temporary,7-day, mount you get by completing the game’s exploration quest. I consider this an awesome mount because, number one, it’s a freaking lizard you get to ride on! Number two, you control the lizard with a dangling piece of meat on a pole. Now who lets you control a carnivorous lizard with a piece of meat? I mean, I find that really awesome in a weird way, and I really enjoyed seeing my character “driving” the lizard with that piece of meat. It’s pretty comical and adds novelty to the whole game.




The Riding Lizard is really a unique and awesome mount because it’s not your usual dragon-horse-car-wolf mount that you always get to see in MMORPGs.


9) Limousine Bike – FlyFF

The limousine bike comes from FlyFF. This mount is pretty awesome because this is a one of a kind item for Flyff players. You can’t buy this mount, nor will monsters drop it. The only way for you to acquire this bike is to be elected as the Lord of the server. So I’m considering this pretty awesome not just because of the way it looks but of the exclusivity of the mount. I’m not really much of a fan of such rides but acquiring one for two weeks is awesome enough seeing how hard it is to come by. Think about it… it’s a speed-bike and a luxury car at the same time. Is that not worth fighting for?




8) Aerogear – Perfect World

While at first glance this may seem to be a way of overcompensating, I consider the human’s flying mount in Perfect World a pretty awesome mount. You are riding a flaming sword that FLIES I mean come on, I don’t think players are too jaded to think that flying flaming swords are passé. In martial arts movies you can only stare at wonder at those Chinese martial artists who seem to fly while stepping on swords, in Perfect World, you get to live it through your character! I think that’s as close as we can get-until they invent actual hover boards that look like swords.




7) Snow Mammoth – Age of Conan

With Mammoths bidding goodbye at the end of the Ice age (or saying hello in the Ice Age movie) we don’t really get a chance to experience how it feels to ride those big furry beasts. However, In Age of Conan, we are given the opportunity to experience how it must have felt to ride a mammoth through our characters.  If you really want to know how it feels to ride a big mammoth, you can probably go to Indonesia and ride their modern descendants (but that would be a hassle now would it?).  Well, since we are all not that adventurous, I think it’s best that we enjoy the mammoth’s online version for now, especially since plane tickets are worth tons of in-game items.




6) Astral Ships- Allods Online

Astral ships hail from the MMO, Allods Online. Basically, they’re big ships that can serve as a house for players and as a means of transportation and exploration for guilds and groups. The Astral Ship requires you to have a group handy or you can’t use it. I consider this pretty awesome because the astral ship is in itself a game changer for Allods. The inclusion of the Astral Ship system opens up game features that you don’t normally see in MMOs.


The other thing I liked about Astral Ships is that they provide you with more things to do in the game aside from the usual dungeon runs and raiding parties. This also sets Allods Online apart from the other MMORPGs.  I also liked the fact that Astral Ships are HUGE and the details helps in the player immersion. It lets you feel like that you actually are in a ship and that you have a ragtag group of shipmates off to one adventure after another in your ship.  I mean come on, I don’t think anyone wouldn’t love to feel like a pirate once in a while and you get to do it through the Astral Ships.


5) Massive Armored Unit (MAU) – RF Online

Massive Armored Units, otherwise known as MAUs are battle-mounts that are exclusive to the Bellato Federation (one of the races in the game). Unlike the typical mount, these gigantic robots do not make you move faster or jump higher in any way; however, it grants the Bellato Federation with massive armour (hence the name) points, along with a powerful mechanical punch, that allows them to take down numerous enemies. MAUs can be used by clicking on the MAU key in your inventory. There are tons of MAUs to choose from, depending on your rider’s level.


Anyway, despite its massively armoured goodness, the almighty MAU also has its drawbacks. One thing that makes it hard to own one is the hefty repair fee.  The more powerful the MAU, the higher the charges (sigh) are.  And to think purchasing one is expensive enough. I don’t really know how players are able to maintain their MAUs, but do trust me when I say that you’ll need to do some serious grinding to power up your unit. Is it still worth having? Hell yeah, it is!


4) Celestial Steed- World of Warcraft

If you’re looking for an elegant mount that’s on par with the awesomeness of the robot unicorn theme (then the Celestial Steed is the one for you. What’s really awesome about this mount is that its body is made entirely of stars, giving the term celestial body a whole new meaning. Another awesome feature that makes this horse so dazzling is its twinkling trail. Yes folks, the mount leaves a trail of sparks as you gallop across the screen, leaving your enemies in confusion and awe.


WARNING: Too much twinkling may have serious effects on your manhood. If twinkling persists, consult your doctor


It doesn’t really have any unique features, but the horse is as stylish as a robot unicorn with truckasaurus mufflers. You can probably just pass by your enemies and enslave them in their own femininity. So far, the only thing wrong about this mount is that it isn’t available for everyone and can only be acquired through Blizzard’s online marketplace. MUST GET NAO! twinkle twinkle!


3) Wyvern – Lineage II

Alright, I know it’s a bit old, but DRAGONs are still mandatory for an epic adventure. The fact that you’re able to soar the sky on a FRIGGIN dragon with those big reptilian wings (that flap like avians) make it a marvellous experience for everyone, and though many have tried, nothing can beat the awesomeness of Lineage II’s Wyvern. Dragons are known to be the beast of beasts, and to own one can gauge how powerful your character is.




Anyway, although these Dragons look completely badass, you are not allowed to hurt a single monster while mounted. Yes, it does suck, especially when you’re so excited to wreak havoc upon acquiring one. The good part is that you’re able to use your dragon’s fiery breath to hurt enemy players in PVP. I guess that should make up for it. I don’t mean to be a total fanboy, but LOOK AT IT! Riding such a thing would make you look like the EVIL DEATHBRINGER OF THE EVIL DEATHBRINGERS (or the Dark Lord of the Eternal Beyond XD). HELL YEAH! Sound the drums of war! I’m flying over *kick-ass electric guitar riff*.


2) Liberty Mount – Fiesta Online

What’s better than a dragon, celestial steed, and a gigantic robot MAU combined? I’ll tell you what… THE FRIGGIN statue of Liberty…………. ON A STICK!!! Yes that’s right! Fiesta Online decided to reward patriots by launching this awesome piece of work on the Fourth of July. It’s a bit awkward if you ask me, especially since it’s basically half stick and half head, but hell, if I can’t get Santa’s sleigh for a mount, then I might as well ride Lady Liberty to victory (gosh, that didn’t sound right). ONWARD! Just to make it clear, this mount is for aesthetical purposes only. If you think this mouth throws flaming torches of freedom, then sorry to disappoint you.




1) PECO-PECO – Ragnarok Online

Now who in God’s green earth can forget the Peco peco? Weren’t you just so jealous of that knight that zipped by you while you were slowly working your way to Geffen?  Did you not ask yourself “WHAT THE HELL?!”, because I surely did. Back then, people used to rely on the Kafra system to get around, and even then, it had limited destinations. Once you get there, you’ll have to walk three maps to the east to get to your proper grind spot. It’s a mandatory journey that consists of “CLICK TO THE RIGHT x n”. To make matters worse, when you get to your aforementioned grind spot, the knight on the Peco Peco is already there, killing enemies that were supposed to be yours.


…IF YOU ONLY HAD THAT PECO PECO…. it’d probably take fewer clicks to get there :).




Ragnarok Online is one of the first games that introduced the mount-system to MMO gamers, and although it was as awesome as hell, there was one teeny-weeny problem… That FRIGGIN BIRD is exclusive to the knight class. I think everyone knows how awesome it is to ride that Chocobo-ripoff since I do remember a time when knights (and ONLY knights) roamed the world of Ragnarok Online. So What makes this mount AWESOME? Well, It made everyone turn into knights! XD



Well then, there you go! I really wish we could name more, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait for the next instalment. Hmmm… I wonder when they’ll put that Godzilla mount I was hoping for (complete with the atomic breath).

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