Terraria’s Largest Update Ever Comes to Console

Terraria 1.3 Update

The highly-anticipated 1.3 Update to Terraria by 505 Games, has finally come to Xbox One and Playstation 4! Update 1.3 bridges the content gap between PC and console by creating gameplay and visual parity across all versions of the game. This is the largest release in the game’s history, adding new content, features, modes, and so much more the world of Terraria. Xbox One users also have a 70% off sale (down to 6.00) for new adventurers until Monday, March 5th.

New Features that have been added:

· A host of new enemies and events to combat, defeat, and plunder for loot
· Endgame Celestial Invasion Event and the Moonlord final boss encounter
· Brand new underground biomes to explore – Granite, Marble and more!
· New Expert mode designed to provide new challenges for even the most seasoned Terraria veterans – with the promise of greater rewards
· Updated crafting with multiple added item options
· Changes to NPCs, as well as some new friendly faces
· More than 800 new items to discover – bringing the total item count to more than 3500!
· Numerous quality of life upgrades and features that until now were only available on PC

The console version will be far more in-line with the PC version while respecting the gameplay elements that make the console version unique. The full patch notes can be found here.

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