The 4th Coming Review: Story Based Diablo Lookalike

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), Onrpg writer

The 4th Coming is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with a great graphic capability which matches that of the early releases of the Diablo franchise. The game respects the isometric D bird’s eye view that vintage players love. The system is entirely Diablo-like, with a seemingly MMO-style HUD that still pretty much resembles the old action RPGs from the 90s. The characters look pretty much detailed since there’s not much to render. The visuals however, are still quite appealing even to this day (I mean come on, who could ever resist the Diablo-like visuals?).

The game revolves around a particular storyline that is set in the medieval fantasy world. The elves who used to run the world during the infancies of mankind fell into their impending doom after deliberately disobeying the warning of the harbinger. Now this is pretty natural for these types of stories, but it still works for me.


Aside from the medieval interface, the inventory system looks the same as the vintage Diablo games where items take space using squares depending on how big they are compared to the other items in your inventory. Even the character sheet looks have the castle wall-type texture that pretty much covers your stats and experience bars. Other familiar items like scrolls, keys and charms can also be found in the game. It goes to show how well loved the system is, and that another game that shares the same concept is still overly welcome.

The 4th Coming

Not so Diablo after all- The game’s brilliant trademark.

What makes The 4th Coming special would be the lack of the character class option (but yes… it’s not a bad thing). Players will all start out as regular characters who must then be molded into specific classes. This is done through your stat build, where you have to carefully assign points in order for them to wear your desired armor, weapon, and other gears. Spells work the same way since it’d probably be silly to see a strength based fighter cast fireballs (that’s just weird). This feature is quite amazing since the essence of character creation has once again been exercised. It’s not every day that you get to mold a character into your desired class instead of molding them into their class’ ideal build. This may even promote character uniqueness in the process. If your ideal character class doesn’t exist, then go make one. 

The game has an entire library of spells that will surely satisfy your thirst of knowledge. From fire balls to boulder storms, I’d say it’s more than enough for everyone. The spell detail is still pretty jagged due to the old graphic system but hey, if it looked good in Diablo then it’ll probably rock more now that the old system has been exercised further.

Round one…. FIGHT! HEEHEE I’m not on the PVP server

The game has two types of servers namely: PVP and PVE. It’s rather mandatory for MMOs to have these servers these days, especially since not everyone are Care Bears (non-PVP types). Level whoring (taking advantage of low levels) however has become quite an issue in the game. Some people are no longer able to leave town due to raiders who end up killing them, thus spoiling the fun. PVE servers however are always up and running so you don’t really have to go hardcore just yet.

Truly Story Based

We can’t deny the fact that digital storytelling is the best way to get into the game. The in game quests are quite superb due to its Diablo-like feel. Quests that make you open chests and gather treasures really removes the linearity of having to finish quests that make you kill different monsters. I would say that these quests serve as a break from other MMO quests that go like “Hey man… I need you to kill 100 skeleton archers. And by the way, I’ll give you low experience when you get back because you probably leveled up by then.”.


The map is absolutely huge and can be viewed using the map tab. Each area has been emphasized to carry out its own unique look. It’s quite evident that a certain change of scenery often appeals to MMO players worldwide, and this game respects that. The characters look pretty solid even for 2d models. I cant say that 3d models are better since 2d and 3d belong in different categories. Though I could say that for a 2d game, the visuals are quite decent.

The spells and effects look flashy, with cool lighting effects that is more than a match for Diablo’s spell benchmark. It gets a bit crowded on the screen especially when monsters start spawning everywhere. Luckily the game doesn’t take much from your PC, meaning the bombardment of monsters would rarely affect your game’s performance in frame-rate. The monsters aren’t that bad as well. In case you want to know though, the game has more than a hundred monsters waiting for you to slaughter. Equipments may sometimes look the same with slight differences in color, but since we didn’t complain 10 years ago then I don’t think we’ll be complaining anytime soon. 

4th Coming

Boosh! Bash! Ten tennn tennnnnnnnnn- Sounds

The game does have a couple of epic tracks, though most of the game is enshrouded with silence. Silence pretty much boosts the game’s ability to bring about certain emotions that a player would most likely expect from a game like this. Silence was never a good thing but it pretty much works for this game (no really). The SFX (sound effects) resembles the early Diablo games as well. Kind of like the sounds you used to enjoy back then during the 32 bit games (which is still quite acceptable in this era). Random grunts and shouts also come out upon entering a series of combat actions. The sounds blend perfectly altogether. Despite the fossilized engines, everything managed to push through regardless of age.

The verdict

It was based on a classic, and now it actually is one. This is probably not the best game today, but I bet it catered a lot of its MMO goodness back then during its time. The MMO must be that good to have lasted this long. If you still can’t get over the fact that Diablo 2 had to end, then you’d probably want to take a shot at The 4th Coming. Worth playing? YYYYYEPP!


The Good:
– Character creation was great
– Retains the traditional 2d birds-eye-view effect
– Stunning spell details.

The Bad:
– Sounds perhaps
– The character creation method isn’t for everyone since most people want premade classes
– Graphics are pretty old compared to the most up to date games.

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