The Ballad Singer is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Title Coming to Steam

The Ballad Singer - image

Inspired by RPGs, Visual Novels, and the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” style of books, The Ballad Singer is a narrated graphic experience coming to Steam on September 27th to Early Access. The final version will be live in November for 22.99. Players build their own path in each game, with immersive stories (up to 1700 stories and 40 endings), with every development and subplot in your story being narrated and illustrated, down to the smallest detail. In the single-player campaign, you’ll play as one of the four main characters, following their adventures in the world of Hesperia. Importantly, death is not a defeat in The Ballad Singer – it’s a new start and a new opportunity, as you will now have the chance to use another hero in a world affected by your previous character.

The game’s unique “Domino System” is what allows you to live thousands of different narratives within The Ballad Singer. These paths will change according to your actions, the characters you have selected and their progress or failures. This branching system is based on chaos theory, where a small change often leads to unexpected consequences that can affect all characters. Each event results in numbers of consequences affecting the entire Hesperia world and changing the whole game ecosystem.

“We would like to thank the over 1,100 Kickstarter backers of The Ballad Singer, as it is because of them that we managed to succeed in the campaign and launch on Steam. We know it is difficult to go from a Kickstarter campaign to public release, so we are even more proud and grateful to our backers,” says Riccardo Bandera, Project Manager, Curtel Games. “The gaming experience of The Ballad Singer is very special, with all the different narrative paths that we have created, each player will have a unique and personal experience. Whether you achieve one of the final stages or not, you will have built a one-of-a-kind and exciting experience!”


Features of The Ballad Singer include:

– Four heroes with different narrative developments;
– Asymmetric stories intertwining one to the other;
– During a single run with a character you will never face two fights alike;
– Your choices really matter, you can completely change the fate of the heroes through your decisions;
– Three degrees of challenge: deceive death and repeat mortal choices through powerful artifacts;
– Replayability: only by replaying The Ballad Singer you will be able to discover the different decisional paths of each hero;
– Domino System: a choice in the first minutes of play could have strong repercussions throughout the course of the adventure;
– Fully narrated story, over 400,000 words and 40 hours of narration;
– More than 700 HD illustrations;
– Over 40 musical tracks;
– 400 different detailed deaths.
– Dying is part of the story, so there is no “Game Over.” When a character you’re playing as dies, you will play as a new hero, within the same story, in a different narrative path.

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