The Chosen Online: Politically Driven PvP

The Chosen Online: Politically Driven PvP

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist


The Chosen Online is a free to play MMORPG currently developed and published by Snail Games USA. Snail Games is one of the premier developers of MMO browser game and is quite known from the titles such as Ministry of War and Heroes of Gaia. After visiting their beautiful website I decided to try out The Chosen and to let you know my thoughts about this newly made game.



Before you get to make your character you get the choice between a variety of Dynasties. Since the game is in a Chinese setting you must choose your dynasty carefully, because you will fight alongside the dynasty that you pick. When seeing the choice of dynasties I saw all of them holding different weapons and I figured only one class per dynasty is available. I was however wrong and was surprised that every dynasty was able to choose every class that is currently available in the game. There are currently five dynasties available and in every dynasty you get the choice between six classes. Each Dynasty can elect one king and fights weekly for the title of ‘The Chosen’. I went with the Qin Dynasty since the character in the picture was holding a bow and I wanted to play with an archer type of class.



After making my character I got into the game. Luckily a fisherman saved my character in a horrible accident and I was one of the few that managed to get out alive. The Fishermen  and other village representatives taught me various stuff like how I could choose my attributes and upgrade my skills. After learning a lot from these wise men I went up on my first mission to kill five monkeys. The quest taught me another really helpful feature which is the ‘Auto Combat’ feature. Like you have already guessed, this feature allows you to make some dinner, eat it, watch a movie and be a higher level when you come back. The Auto Combat system however doesn’t pick up drops so if you get some really good loot it will just drop on the ground and eventually disappear. I guess there has to be some balance to encourage players to actually grind sometimes after all.



After walking around and doing some quests I found another helpful feature that has been put in the game. If you receive a quest or anything else with any NPC’s named in them and the text is green plus underlined. You can click on the name and your character will automatically walk to the NPC. While walking my way over to some of the NPC’s I had to visit I noticed there is no way to change your camera. This is a serious let down for me because it is quite hard to look around and to find your way when you have only one view possible. I seriously hope I am wrong and there is an option somewhere but after trying most of the buttons on my keyboard and even facebashing it I came to the conclusion there is simply none. I did however find a function that should’ve let me right click to change the camera but it did nothing at the time. During a press event, Dizzy was told that this feature is still something in the works so I guess a future patch will include it. There is also no option to check the controls and thus there is no way to customize them to your liking.



Battle to be Chosen

The Chosen Online’s main focus is the power struggle between the dynasties. Every dynasty lives in its own bubble world separated from the others. These worlds are essentially the same maps and monsters. However once a week they collide in epic wars between dynasties to decide if there will be a new Chosen crowned. To become The Chosen you must first be selected by your dynasty peers to be Emperor. And once you are emperor you can then assign roles of nobility to your friends as a reward for their support in getting you into the position.



The position of Emperor is quite stressful because you are expected to lead your entire mini-server into combat weekly, all the while fending off coups from competing guilds in your dynasty that seek the title of Emperor for themselves. This unique political system is simple yet effective in making players feel a deep connection to their dynasty and a type of nationalistic pride when fending off their rivals in the weekly wars.



Speaking of the weekly wars, these wars are truly dynasty versus dynasty battles. While the glory may reside in the high level players clashing on the battlefield, everyone in the dynasty is a valuable tool towards achieving victory. Outside of the max level clashes, you will witness low level players pushing supply carts to aid their side in gaining buffs or building massive NPCs that fight for your cause. Then you will see medium leveled players defending these caravans from other equal level players who would be useless in the main battle but are vital to success due to this side venture. In the end the nation that is victorious must then face off against all other nations and emerge victorious to gain the title of The Chosen for their emperor for a week. Needless to say, the crowning of a Chosen is a rare event.




The game is fairly simple and doesn’t require much time invested to learn your way around. You left click targets to target them and right click to attack. If you have set your skills in one of the available skill bars you can easily click or press the corresponding button to do one of your abilities. Talking about abilities, each class can easily put their skill points into different skills to either level up the current skills you have or to unlock new ones. The Skill tree is fairly the same like in any other MMO game you have ever seen before and most of the skills are unlocked at a special level.



There are 5 abilities players can choose from that each have different helpful stats for every playable class. The Power stat will increase your health points and physical damage, the Agility stat increases your dodge and weapon accuracy, the Int stat will increase your mana and magical attack damage, spirit will gives you bonuses to dodge magical attacks and your magic defense and willpower will get higher, and the Con stat also increases your health points and some other similar stats. Players will also be able to choose different titles to precede their name to give them something to show their status in society.




The Chosen is somewhat of a nice looking 2D game but sometimes I did feel the textures got stretched a little bit. This isn’t however really a ruining factor but just a critical view that in my opinion could be done better. To play this game made by Snail Games you would need the following system requirements:


Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or Vista 32

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 class processor or AMD Athlon XP, at 1.5 GHz or faster

RAM: 512MB of RAM or more

HDD: 5 GB Free Space

Graphics Card: GeForce FX class or ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB of dedicated VRAM or better


Recommended Specification:

OS: Windows XP/ 2000 / Vista

CPU:Intel Pentium 4 Class Processor Dual Core at 2.0 GHz or faster

RAM: 1GB of RAM or more

HDD: 1.8 GB of HDD space, plus additional for new game content

Graphics Card: GeForce XT Class with 256MB of dedicated VRAM or better



If you have no idea what kind of computer rig you are running or simply aren’t really into computer specifications and you only worry if your computer works. I’d say everyone with a computer that has been bought in the last seven to six years is easily able to play this game just fine.




The Chosen is a really fun game to try out because it offers a variety of different classes that you can play with five dynasties. With each class offering a variety of skill trees to go down, and hundreds of levels to progress through, you can spend a long time building the best character you can be. The game isn’t bad looking either and doesn’t require a top notch computer to play. If you are really into the Chinese culture and want to experience an intense politically driven PvP game, I think The Chosen Online has what you’re looking for.

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