The Elder Scribe: Mid February Awesomeness

The Elder Scribe: Mid February Awesomeness

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG’s Elder Scribe



It has only been two weeks since the last Elder Scribe article but there has been a ton of news! A new Ask Us Anything, a milestone reached, a story, and even some food.



First up, the food truck. A food truck will be going around the US this year starting at SXSW in March and ending at the University of California, Berkeley on October 4th. It will make stops at every major convention, PAX East, PAX Prime, E3, Comic-Con, and several Universities from California, Michigan, Arizona, and Massachusetts. Live in Europe? Have no fear, they haven’t forgotten about us! There aren’t any details just yet. But it seems pretty likely that they will at the very least be at Gamescom in Cologne in August. So, what kind of things can you expect at these trucks? Tasty treats (calling sweet rolls now), the possibility of swag, and a chance to meet up with fans. I know what I’ll be headed for at PAX East!



Elder Scrolls Online Gets 1 Million Likes! And we get an awesome video. If you didn’t love the Elder Scrolls Online development team before you will after you watch this video. Either ZeniMax is an awesome place to work or they’ve all snapped under the pressure. Either way they’re awesome! And our Lore Master only got even more awesome than he already was. I’ll let you watch the video to find out why. Congratulations ESO team!


The latest story from ESO has gone live. It is the book of Travails and Triumphs of a Monarch by His Majesty King Emeric. You can read it by going to the site and reading from the little book that pops up when you click the link.


Or, if you haven’t read the rest you can still access them.


Ayrenn The Unforseen Queen


Jorunn the Skald-King



The latest Ask Us Anything opened the questions from just the three alliances to a variety of topics. Here are just a few of the awesome questions.

Will each alliance focus on its own specific roles (classes)? For example, Aldmeri Dominion is mostly mages and Daggerfall Covenant – warriors? – By ?????? ????????

We feel strongly that you should develop your own role, regardless of which alliance you choose.



Are we going to see known types of weapons (e.g. Steel, Silver, Glass, …)? – By Nicolai Spatz

Yes, you are definitely going to see many of the weapon and armor materials you’ve seen in other Elder Scrolls games.



Being the huge fan of Orcs I am, their culture interests me very much. Their worship of Malacath was the most interesting to me, but also the most confusing. Is Malacath widely accepted as a deity, or is it only certain, small groups that consider him their god? Also, will he make any kind of appearance in ESO? Most importantly, I’m confused on what he is and what his relation to the Orcs is. – By Daniel Molyneaux

As with other races, the religious practices of the Orcs vary from place to place and from clan to clan. Some Orcs worship the Daedric Prince Malacath; some Orcs (including most of those in the Daggerfall Covenant) worship the Divine named Mauloch, whom they insist is not a Daedra at all; and some Orcs could care less whether their god is a Daedra or not, and worship him under either name. In such matters of metaphysics, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to determine what the “truth” really is.



And finally, the most recent question of the week has to do with factions. Specifically, if you could make a faction yourself what would it be? And what would you name it? These questions are asked to create conversation and possibly so the devs can steal all the best ideas. Ok, not really that last one. But these weekly questions really keep conversations going. You can join in on them by going to the Facebook group and posting your answer under the video.



There may not be any news on the beta yet but we still have plenty to look forward to. Food, fun, and more..I couldn’t think of another word that starts with an F. Sue me. (Please don’t)



See you all again next week when, baring any OMG Earth shattering news I may start taking a look at the fan sites that are popping up.



Have a great week everyone!

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