The Elder Scribe: The Elder Scrolls Online Q&A Recap

The Elder Scribe: The Elder Scrolls Online Q&A Recap

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



This month The Elder Scrolls Online have hosted two Q&A sessions on the official TESO website. While the focus of the two was intended to be the Ebonheart Pact many, many questions about the game in general were answered. I’ve gone through the many pages of questions and picked out what I think are the most informative and important to know.



Will the faction PVE areas each have their own quests? Or will they be mirrors of each other? – By El Hefe

Each Alliance (and area) has its own completely unique quests and storylines, layered on top of their individual internal struggles and history. When we design content in The Elder Scrolls Online, we aspire to create storylines, experiences, and characters that are befitting of the Alliance they are a part of.  Each Alliance’s content in ESO is as varied and dynamic as the Alliances themselves are—your adventures an Argonian in the Ebonheart Pact, for example, will be quite different than those of a Bosmer in the Aldmeri Dominion.


Should you choose to play characters in each of the three Alliances (and we hope you do!), you will experience completely different content that is representative of each Alliance’s story, history, and politics.



Obviously the Elves and the Nords have never got along too well – are the nations in the factions entirely happy with the alliance, or are there rogue/rebel groups within, say, Skyrim or Morrowind? – By George Trotter

The foundation the Ebonheart Pact was built upon—one of mutual desire for survival—makes for a deeply complex and ever-shifting political atmosphere.  The Argonians, Nords, and Dark Elves have set aside their differences, for now, to unite under one banner against their shared enemies—but to say that everyone is happy or even content with the Alliance would be a far cry from the truth.  A certain level of distrust and resentment roils just beneath the surface for many members of the Pact.


While some are openly accepting or critical of the Alliance, most Pact members you’ll encounter fall somewhere in between, and hold their true feelings about the arrangement close to their chest.  It really depends on each individual character’s perspective and life experiences.  Most you encounter are not willing to bring up their personal feelings to a stranger, but you will meet some who are very open with their praise or disdain for the choices their leaders have made.



Looking at I noticed some areas were grayed… or rather, “browned” out; Black Marsh and Vvardenfell, most notably, and with Solstheim, large portion of the western Skyrim (the areas containing Markath and Solitude, for example), and most of the eastern portion of Morrowind. The question itself is as follows: Do you have future plans regarding these areas, possibly including them at expansions, etc? And is the “only” playable area for the Pact the area colored in red – not to forget Cyrodiil, of course? If so, might we gain a rough estimate of the amount of “zones” (areas with short loading screens separating them) this seemingly massive area includes? – By Juho Kola


It’s too early for us to start discussing the exact number and names of locations that each Alliance will be able to explore when The Elder Scrolls Online launches, but we have plans to expand and open up more regions of Tamriel in the future.


As for the colors you see on our Alliances page map, those are rough visual representations of each Alliance’s territory.  That map is meant to give you a general idea of each Alliance’s regions—what you see there is not intended to be exact.



Given the fact that Windhelm will most definitely be in TESO, how familiar will it be to the Windhelm of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? It’s quite a bit younger in TESO, but still of Ancient Atmoran aesthetic, being built by Ysgramor himself. – By Madison Harmon Bullock IV


We’ve taken great care to be extremely faithful to the existing Elder Scrolls lore, history, and visual feel.  This includes our approach to how we’ve designed places you’ve visited in previous Elder Scrolls games, such as the city of Windhelm, in Skyrim’s Eastmarch region.  If you’ve played The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim, walking through the streets of Windhelm in The Elder Scrolls Online will feel very familiar.  The same goes for Cyrodiil—those who visited the region in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will notice familiar villages and points of interest in ESO’s Cyrodiil, such as Chorrol.


That being said, the stories and events that unfold in these areas during The Elder Scrolls Onlinewill be different than those in past Elder Scrolls games.  The people living in these familiar places won’t be too different from their brethren in later times; however, they will have different views and tales to tell, based on the current events that are impacting their daily lives.


Will the Companions be involved somehow? – By Jason Bryden


Yes, The Companions—the legendary group of Nord heroes you met in the city of Whiterun in Skyrim—have been part of Nord culture since Ysgramor’s arrival on the shores of Skyrim before the First Era, so they certainly have a presence in ESO.


To what extent will the Tribunal feature in the Ebonheart Pact storyline, and how far along in the main quest will we learn about the pretender to the Tribunal? – By Josh James


As the rulers of Morrowind, both spiritually and politically, the Tribunal are quite prominent in the Ebonheart Pact – especially Almalexia, who’s been handling temporal affairs since the recent Akaviri invasion. But a pretender to the Tribunal? Mother Morrowind would dismiss the idea as absurd. Clearly impossible.



I’ve read that anyone can use any type of weapon or armor. Have you thought about having alliance-only weapon/armor styles? (For example, chitin armor available only to the Ebonhart Pact, since they have exclusive access to chitin in Morrowind.) – By Jeremy Eddy


Armor in The Elder Scrolls Online is regionally appropriate, whether it’s a loot drop, merchant stock, or quest reward; however, with the right skills and materials, you’ll be able to craft items in any racial style.



Hi, I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind, and I have always played as an Argonian. Now that I’ve seen the screenshot on your website called ‘Argonian soldiers’, I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping for a more lizard, amphibian looking Argonian. I assume their faces are flat for helmet modeling, But I hope they’ll look more like the one on the Ebonheart pact page. Also, they should have badass horns… So can you tell me, is this the final version of the Argonian? – By Rofaka


Customization of individual characters will allow for much more variety than we’ve been able to convey in the screenshots released so far.  Also, we’re still fine-tuning the ESO character models, including the Argonians.



So, there you have a round up of the first two AMA events taking place on the website for The Elder Scrolls Online. Character customization, armor, politics, and world geography, this month had it all. As more Q&A sessions are held I’ll be posting about them right here so check back regularly for more from The Elder Scribe.

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