The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game Releases New Mission on Steam

Lord of the Rings Card Game King of Carrion

The first in a series of new missions arrived for The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game today. The first is entitled “The King of Carrion”, and this Encounter is sure to challenge even the best of players. It is also free for all players, and players guide their Heroes through a standalone Quest that takes them to the far reaches of the Anduin and beyond. With new enemies like Moonlight Wights as well as returning foes (wargs). The Encounters icon will appear on the map of Middle-earth in the Play menu.

In addition to the release of The King Of Carrion Encounter, recently, Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Interactive announced plans to shift the game’s economic model from free-to-play to a full premium model once the game goes into full release. Fantasy Flight Interactive’s Timothy Gerritsen had this to say about the decision, “We received a lot of constructive feedback from our communities and decided to make a change to improve the game for the community as a whole. In addition, we will continue to roll out plenty of content in the future.”

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