The Lost Titans Open Beta Preview

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief




With ZQGames’ browser based mythological fantasy MMORPG, The Lost Titans, a mere week away from open beta launch (yup, April 18th!), I was surprised to receive a request to visit their HQ again to get an updated look at the changes and new content planned for the game. But hey I was quite pleasantly surprised at my first visit to the office so why not give them the benefit of the doubt and hear what they have to say. So what inspired me to take some time out of my day to write about it? Well this Chinese developed title has taken a keen interest in the requests of their community and implemented quite a few features, and done quite a few balancing adjustments, to make their community feel like they’re actually an important part of the development team. And to be honest that’s a sentence I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of typing about many games that fall into this category.

So what exactly are they adopting that was requested by the community? For starters they’ve lowered the some of the gold (The Lost Titan’s cash shop currency) store items to much more reasonable prices to ensure most of the fun stuff players want to buy to support the game aren’t so far out of reach. In fact they’ve revamped their entire economy of silver, gold, and the pet/mount currency of warsouls to include better balance for non-cash shoppers while including enough silver sinks to keep inflation down in open beta comparatively to its state in closed beta. And for those looking to feel truly special, the VIP system has been expanded to offer some incredibly awesome cosmetic items including wings that will light up the darkest of nights, particularly at the 9+ rank. While a few of the perks previously stationed higher in the VIP rankings have been lowered to make the lower ranks a better value.

Another request being addressed is that the community digs the minigames in The Lost Titans, and I can agree with that as I want some nice diversions between grinding sessions. And while they didn’t reveal all their plans to me, they did show off the new Titan’s Pool, a lottery system in which players get to spin a wheel once a day to win one of ten various prizes including silver, gold, and faction points. Of course the gambling type can buy more spins if you have the itch or just live too far from Vegas and need your fix.

It would be amiss to say they were listening to the community and then not mention any new content being brought into the game but trust me… it’s coming and it’s a tidal wave. The drought of quests past level 30 will be a thing of the past with plenty more story to fill in the current holes and expand towards a yet unrevealed cyclone of a plot twist past level 75 that’s sure to to hit you like a salty flying fish to the mouth. Why am I including so many metaphors about the ocean? Surely a coincidence. I can confirm however that these updates offer new content all the way up to level 105 and include three never before seen locations to visit.

Don’t mind Poseidon. He’s just grumpy The City of Light coffee machine broke. Sure hope he doesn’t defect…

Another bright spot on the preview meeting was the revamp of the beginner zone to make the game much more visually pleasing while also making more sense from a lore stand point. The new starting zone will ease players into the game and explain everything they need to grow into powerful PvP warriors. Meanwhile the entire starting zone has been remodeled to look much more akin to the City of Light because after all, why would the followers of Hyperion train their newest recruits in a hallowed out volcano that looks much more like a suburb of Ophion’s Realm than anything near the City of Light?

And speaking of grand PvP warriors, you’re in serious luck! First off a dueling map is on the way to get you matched up against opponents 24 hours a day. In fact all their PvP events are being adjusted and/or duplicated to ensure that players logging in Internationally will find fun events to test their skill in at all hours of the day. But the real joy for PvP is likely going to come in the new PvPvE battleground, Zeus’ Fury. Located at the Arts Quarter, a horde of Punishers including Elite and Boss grade punishers have invaded and made themselves at home. And it’s up to the players to unite and take, but of course there is a catch. Only part of the monsters reside within the safe zone, meaning you can expect some brutal battles to take place for the valuable boss monsters residing in the PvP realm. With the boss level punishers possessing stupidly high amounts of HP, we’re sure to see the top tier factions fighting it out in epic battles to claim the rare loot as their own.

And before I ramble on too long, there was one last bit of info that caught my eye and made me realize just how close the relationship between the Chinese devs and US office is. The players requested it, and come open beta you’ll be able to get your hands on two new player picked pets including the Mini-Finny and Stormfell, both variations of mobs in the game and packing a hefty punch whether you’re in the market for a cute aquatic creature or just want a tall busty dirty blonde companion to follow you around.

Your Minifinny awaits!


Or your Stormfell. I won’t judge. Hopefully we get that Scorpian Girl as the next pet!


At that I just want to say that fans of this game should mark their calendars and keep an eye out on the official forums as ZQGames has plenty of GM run events coming both in-game and on the forums to celebrate the open beta launch. So be sure to say hi and tell them what you feel the game is missing still because turns out, for once the publisher actually seems to be listening!

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  • gademit

    open beta my ass its cbt2, zqgames lied as always to their customer no wonder the game is almost dead all top players quit because of their false news and updates.

    • rorinomco

      that’s not true dude. the game is not dead. i saw you said it on other forum as well. but the fact is that the game is having their OBT on April 18. Just a few days to go. why don’t we stay calm and watch what happens

      • Uflay

        game is dead … what you see is random accounts made the the devs so the game looks full, and they are always afk on dummies.

  • Coffeez

    This game has been dead for quite a while, and they did lie to their customers like the other post said, as well ass all the top players left, also true, game is pretty much a waste of time at this point, nothing will save this game.

  • terminal1344

    wow they r having some campaigns on their fb page. beta key and iPad mini giveaways!!! whattttt?????

  • tomimi

    I love this game!!! good game!!!

  • woodyclarson

    I like their in-game event. They do that quite often.

  • ganbatteojisan

    I checked out other game website and found out this:

    New features:

    Additional Pets and Mounts

    GM and In-Game Events

    New Tutorials

    New Bosses

    Expanded VIP Level

    New Player-vs-Player (PvP) Features

  • wehido

    I’m not quite sure but I’m quite expected! I’ll trust what the editor said lol

  • 139908

    who tells me how to register?

  • qiiuty

    how to get gift packs/?/

  • nanimono

    I am a hardcore TLT fan ahahah

  • dliliconquertheworld

    HOHO. obt wanna see how it goes

  • woiki

    MORE POWER TLT!! tomorrow OBT

  • djjwhy

    OMG they are counting down for the obt now! Gift packs giveaway campaigns going on now!!!!

    This game suxs, This game is p2win only, but the GMs are huge cheats. The leading guilds are GMs. The leading pvp players are GMS, And those that are active in GM guilds get free VIP. GMs are upgrading their guildies for free – What a rip off. The leading guilds and pvp players are GMs – rip off, rip off – cheater game

    photo 1, line 4 and 6 says it all … they never print the winners of events, did you guys know that …. now you know why. Plus they made a new forums because there was to much negative feedback on the old one.

  • Anonymous Tipper

    Actualy, there is no point playing the game right now. The game WAS good, yes. But the Open Beta launch was a failure.

    Cheaters abused the silver, gold and artifact bug before the game was able to do a maintenance, no roll back was made and the newly launched server are now greatly unbalanced.

    The Lost Titans better sell their game to someone who is actually qualified to be game developers. It was a good game before but now, it is more of a joke..