The Maestros Now Available on Steam

The Maestros Launch Trailer - YouTube

Systence Games’ flagship title is now officially live to all users on Steam – The Maestros. A fast-paced 3v3 blend of Battlerite and Pikmin, two teams clash in hot arena combat. The Maestros is a team vs team action-strategy arena about transforming cute animals and clunky robot minions into battle-ready beasts and bots. Pick a commander and beat down leafy monsters to build up your squad, then mutate them into a walking wombo combo your enemies won’t soon forget. In The Maestros, the diesel-punk themed “Knights of Teutonia” do battle against the Alchemists of Regalis across a host of maps, with their own objectives. Simply choose a commander and build up units by fighting the other monsters on the map, and transform them into greater creatures. The Maestros is available on Steam for 12.99 but is discounted during launch week for 9.74.

Key Features:

  • Battle in 3v3 multiplayer arenas
  • Unlock commanders & factions
  • Fire rockets out of tortoises’ shells
  • Top the leaderboards
  • Electrocute somebody with tesla coil unicycles
  • Tame the powerful Dreadbeast
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