The MMO Bookclub Launches Unique Lootbox System

Dragon of Lostmauth - Neverwinter - Killing the Dragon was one of the achievements required to earn a lootbox

The MMO Bookclub is a community of over 1400 people who love MMOs and who vote on which MMO to play together so that nobody has to feel like they’re entering into a game with no friends. It’s a casual, fun group of people who vote to play a new game every month, or to extend the current game by a month and run/talk about content together. It’s a really cool concept, and they’ve taken it to the next level ahead of their next vote (their 11th vote, making the community almost a year old), and that’s to add Lootboxes! They have a custom-made bot, designed for the Bookclub community, that unlocks the lootboxes that players have earned. Players can earn free lootboxes with actual cash value, just by playing games with the community and picking up achievements set at the start of every month. They want to reward their audience/friends for succeeding, and can get common, uncommon, rare, or legendary prizes.

“Our players have been amazingly generous,” said Kraken, one of the community leaders of the Bookclub. “They’ve donated a ton of game keys for awesome games like Dark Souls 3, Shadowrun and STALKER, to name just a few of those I’ve seen.

Though keys aren’t the only prizes, such as the MMO Bookclub hoodie, and to celebrate this, they’re giving away free lootboxes to players who join the discord and react to the announcement. The next vote is for: Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, EVE Online, Rift, Blade & Soul, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert Online. If you were interested in playing any of these/do play them but want to play with a fun group of people, you would do well to join their Discord (seen here) and get a lootbox, then cast your vote!

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