The MMO Bro Code Chapter 2: Roleplaying

The MMO Bro Code Chapter 2: Roleplaying
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


What is an MMO Bro? Surely you know who your MMO Bros are. These are the cool people in your group of adventurers whom you call dude, Bro, or simply the ones who are there to help you out in your time of need. MMO Bros are all around us, and though not all MMO Bros know each other, they simply just know who’s a Bro when they talk to one. Greetings my fellow Bro and welcome to Chapter 2 of our “Broscapades”.


Today we are going to discuss the various limitations and exceptions of our MMO Bro rules in the aspect of Roleplaying. If you are not familiar with the MMO Bro, then I suggest you read our first chapter here. For those who are familiar with what we Bros are all about, let’s begin.


New Classes

1). The chick- any MMO girl can also be a Bro, and there are no rules stating that a chick can never be a Bro. As long as she’s got your back and is equally cool as the other Bros then that girl is definitely a Bro.


Referred to as: Yo, dude, or simply by their first name (NEVER refer to a Bro by their last name as each Bro deserves to be called by their first name as a form of respect)


2). The Fantasy Bro- Not all Bros can be called Bros; in fact, there are some who persistently want to roleplay. Note that these people are still your Bros regardless of what dimension their mind is in at the moment.


Some talk like aristocrats and some like barbaric idiots. Always respect them and play accordingly as they may actually save your ARSE in the near future. The more hardcore they are at roleplaying, the longer they have been playing. These peeps might have super strong alts (alternative characters) so treat them well.


3). The Chick with eggs- Some players actually have characters of the opposite gender. Note that this gimmick of theirs does not hinder them from becoming a Bro as there are no rules about queers not being Bros. It also does not prove anything about them being queer whatsoever.


Elite classes:


1). Elite Alpha Bro Commander- in a roleplaying server, a pack of wolves must also have their alpha wolf to avoid unnecessary actions in the RP server. These are Bros who are experienced and have faced various obstacles in said game, so treat him with respect and he’ll treat you with HONOR.


The enemies

1). The “Rolebreaker”- If you’ve ever been on a roleplaying server, you’ll notice that some of the players are actually acting normally instead of in character. Note that these are trying too hard and are fake Bros who are calling real Bros “Dude” or “Yo” unaware of their lack of coolness.


2). The deaf-  Some people actually just ignore other people on purpose. These people are not hostile in terms of PVP but sometimes interfere with your progress by kill stealing and ninja looting. If one of your party members refuses to talk or chat, feel free to kick them off the party as they are obviously up to no good.


Core rules of Chapter 2

Rule number 1: Always treat girl characters as girls on an RP server


As creepy as it may seem, it is a Roleplaying server anyway, and us Bros need to keep order by playing accordingly with fellow Bros. This enhances the experience and can work well for your character in various ways. Yes, we are aware that your mistress is a dude, but always remember that a dude is a Bro and a Bro is your dude, so keep that dude happy so he’ll become your Bro. (Same applies to girls playing as males)


Rule number 2: A true Bro stays in character even in the presence of a Rolebreaker


A Rolebreaker can annoy the hell out of Bros in real life, but that shouldn’t stop them from pursuing their desired play style. If ever you come across a rolebreaker, just pretend that you don’t understand him even though he says dude and yo like a real Bro. He may throw insults like “retard” and “fat-arse” in your face, but do know that he’s the only idiot on that RP server.


References to real life are not permitted (naked dancing is, though).


Note: The words Yo and Dude only makes sense when it is being said by a true Bro.


Rule number 3: A real Bro knows how to RP a sensual love scene


A real Bro’s awesome performance in his IRL sex-life must also be implemented when RP calls for it. There’s no doubt that true Bro knows how to satisfy polygonal chicks especially in a bordello scenario, so go and make them squirm for mercy!


MMO Bro Code Love Scene
Getting this far is a quest on its own.


Note: a real Bro does not fall back when faced by more than one virtual girl in a bordello scenario. Have faith in yourself and you’re bound to become one of their best customers.


MMO Bro Code RP Sex Scene
There’s nothing like walking in on a sex scene.


Rule number 4: Bros KNOW what they are talking about


Real Bros never mutter out nonsense in the middle of an RP conversation. A true Bro must always have an active storyline and must never say that he has forgotten something or has lost his memory unless it is a part of his character and is bound to regain his memory 2 seconds later (LOL). This also applies to your character’s RP battle cry. If ever you are in the middle of combat, don’t shout “FOR THE EMPIRE” if you belong to the federation cause’ then you will be forced to hand over your Bro dignity and will need to eat 5 raw chickens and 7 goat tongues in order to gain your honor back.


Last words for the RP Bros

Roleplaying is fun… and having an MMO Bro around makes it even better. If a party consists of all Bros, then the game is considered null and void due to the aura of awesomeness irradiating from the presence of a group of Bros. If the server has an RP rule then don’t be a Rolebreaker. Always stay true and act your part with dignity and pride. You are a true Bro, with an epic storyline that makes any lore look like a child’s sketchbook. Hear your Bros and don’t be deaf, obey your Elite Alpha Bro commander so that you too may sit in his stature as you grow with all the BRO-NESS in your presence. Until then, may the spirit of the Bro god invest good fortune and a 1337 amount of gold in your journey.

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