The Onrpg Guide to ValentineÂ’s Day!

By Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer

It’s the time of the year, once again, where lovers unite and dreamers get together to celebrate the holiday of love. Whether you follow the traditional sending valentine’s cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery, or simply ignore the festivals altogether, a gamer cannot avoid the benefits of this holiday in the MMO world. This guide will serve as a short compilation of the various Valentine’s Day events and contests you will be able to participate in (or can participate in right now!) in many MMORPGS.


IGG (Internet Gaming Gate)

Let’s start with IGG, a very well known Free MMORPG publishing and developing company that is known for hosting quite a lot of events.

Angels Online:
Valentine’s Dreams Come True! – This is a unique event in which players can wish for a special present. Will your wish come true?

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Selection – This is an event where you can exchange items obtained from monsters for special in-game chocolates that boost your stats!

Tales of Pirates:
Steal a Seat with a GM – This event consists in a short “seat stealing” activity, in which a GM will sit on a bench, stand up, and the first player to sit down where the GM was sitting will win a prize. Now this is an event I’ve never heard of before!

Aurora Blade:
Valentine’s Poems Contest – As the title suggests, this contest involves writing a love poem that will bring tears of joy to the IGG staff. The top three contestants will receive a nifty prize.

Zu Online:
Love is Blossoming – In this minor cash shop event, if you exchange IGG points for Zu points, you will be awarded rose seeds that you will be able to show off in-game.


TQ Digital Entertainment

TQ, most known as the hosts of Conquer Online [whom have not revealed their v-day events as of yet], host quite a few interesting Valentine’s Day events. Let’s check them out!

Eudemons Online:
Confess Your True Love – The Eudemons team has released many love-themed e-cards for you to send off to your loved ones! Check them out.

Crazy Tao:
Valentine’s Day Contest! – Submit your life story to the staff, including pictures, videos, or sound. Winners will be awarded roses and item mall cash.

Zero Online:
Sweet Valentine, Will You Be Mine? – In this event, you will have to prove to the TQ staff why you should get a free marriage in-game. If you qualify (being level 60 or higher), of course.



Outspark may not be hosting much event-wise, but they have released quite a few new interesting items!

Fiesta Online:
Spread The Love – Many new valentine’s-themed cash shop items have now been released.

Love Birds Giveaway – The Fiesta staff is giving away prepaid Visa prepaid gift cards. Check it out!

Secret of the Solstice:
The Month of LOVE – Similar to Fiesta, some Valentine’s Day premium items have now been added to their item mall.



Nexon has always been very reputable with their various entertaining events. With such large player-bases, they are dedicated to keep you busy with these events! Currently, only Maplestory’s event details have been revealed.

Valentine’s Day – Check out their many events and activities, including special monster drops.


Other games

Briefly, here are some other Valentine’s Day events being held in other popular games!

Valentione’s Day.

World of Kung Fu:
Valentine’s Day Events.

Atlantica Online:
Be My Valentine.

…and there you have it, folks! Be sure to expect many more Valentine’s Day events in store for you (some publishers tend to wait till Valentine’s Day itself to reveal their events). Enjoy, and happy gaming.

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