The Outer Worlds Launches Globally

Outer Worlds Video Thumbnail

The Outer Worlds is now live on a global basis, and the player awakens, after seventy years in hibernation. The Hope is the ship the player was trapped on, and are now at the edge of the galaxy. At Halcyon, corporations control life in its entirety, but they could be hiding a dark secret that could spell doom. There are many distinct areas to explore, and deep, multi-faceted characters to come across. Player choices are incredibly important though, and there are a plethora of options on ways to approach combat. The Outer Worlds promises to be a stand-out narrative-driven single-player RPG

Leonard Boyarsky, co-game director at Obsidian discussed player choice and its importance:

“Player choice in The Outer Worlds extends beyond the decisions players will make narratively, it applies to how players approach the gameplay as well. It was important for us to create an experience where players can not only enjoy shooting their way through the game with a bunch of crazy science weapons, but also have an equally enjoyable experience if they opt to avoid combat by focusing on dialogue or stealth. No matter what your play style, even if it’s ridiculous as how Tim Cain plays, there’s a great way to experience The Outer Worlds.”

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