The Secret World Column: Faithless Is He…

The Secret World Column: Faithless Is He…

By Jonathan Doyle (Ardua), OnRPG Journalist




“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” 
? J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring



This is how the end begins. This is the time in which everything has been laid down for the future, for us.

What am I talking about?


Only the fact that Dark Days are Coming.

The Secret World is nigh.




Yes welcome to the OnRPG’s look at Funcom’s upcoming massively multiplayer phenomenon, The Secret World.



We here at OnRPG have both commented on The Secret World before and spoken specifically to creative director, Ragnar Tornquist about the game.



With the game in the last months before release and the amount of information coming out from Funcom on the setting and game itself increasing, it is past time that we bring you on a journey into the dark places where evil dwells.



For those of you who do not know or have not heard, The Secret World is an MMO slated for release in May. Created by Funcom and co-published by Electronic Arts, TSW as it is known is set to make its mark on the MMO market. No fantasy world with warring elves and orcs here. Nor is it a distant future or alien world populated by robots or massive starships. The Secret World is our own world. It is the world of today as seen through the lens of darkness, horror and perhaps scariest of all, a lens of truth. A world where everything is true. All the myths and legends, all the conspiracies real and imagined.. It is everything that ever went bump in the night.


From the fictional town of Kingsmouth on Solomon Isle to the very real and vibrant London, The Secret World is aiming to blend the familiar with the frightening. Already popular amongst various online communities for its use of alternate reality games that seek to blur the line between fact and fiction, Funcom has a game that is set to involve its players to a greater degree than any game before. Social networking already plays a vital part in these ARGs alongside the forums, but it won’t stop there after launch. The gameplay design incorporates intense action gaming with puzzling riddles that will require your smarts and ability to use the Internet to discover the answers needed to progress. In a market shifting more towards twitch reflexes and action packed combat, it’s interesting to see a game force players to think critically as their unique form of challenging users.



Coming over the next few weeks we will be looking into the factions of The Secret World and the locations revealed to us thus far. Whether Dragon, Illuminati or Templar, all combatants in The Secret World know that ultimately knowledge is the best weapon, and OnRPG plans to refresh your memories as well as bring you everything we can on what comes of this exciting game, including a first look at their reveal at GDC later this week!



Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens, but worry not. We will walk with you in the dark places.

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