The Ups And Downs Of Being A Gamer

The Ups And Downs Of Being A Gamer
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Historically, the term “Gamer” referred to those who play hardcore stuff like Dungeons & Dragons (the pen and paper one), White Wolf RPGS, and those who commit themselves to various forms of geekery. If you check the early cartoons and TV shows, gamers always seem to look like perpetual virgins who dress up in giant suspenders and get beaten up most of the time (mostly by football jocks and the guy wearing the black skull shirt). I guess today’s era pretty much labels that stereotypical outlook null and void, seeing as games have now become a part of our culture. Is it now safe to say that you’re a gamer? Well, enclosed is a list of random pros and cons of being one. Check it out.


Pros First

Unlike before, gamers are now blessed with admirable traits that have been overlooked throughout the years. Maybe it’s because some have learned to accept us for who we are, and the whole Science Club President gig no longer sums it all up.


Pro Number 1: Gamers Are Creative

CreativeTo some extent, gamers are quite perceptive when it comes to certain things. This allows them to come up with various gimmicks or methods that can really aid people in real life. Perhaps the only problem here are the ones on the listening end. If you listen to what they have to say (especially the anti-social ones), you’ll see that they have something awesome in mind.


Pro Number 2: Gamers Are Technologically Stable

Another commendable thing about gamers is that they are very much up to date with today’s gadgets and technology. While others are still busy trying to figure out how the printer works, these guys are already blogging and customizing their own virtual templates. Seeing as how Facebook is now one of the leading websites on the Internet, it’s a given fact that everyone’s enjoying the flash applications that came with it. Gamers knew how fun it was to play these games years ago, it’s just that nobody listened to them.


Pro Number 3: Gamers Are Goal Oriented And Are Formidable When Inspired

One thing about gamers that they themselves do not understand is their type of persistence. Gamers hate losing, especially the competitive types. When a gamer sets a goal, you can bet your +7 ass they’ll be giving a hundred and ten percent. Once a gamer is inspired, he’ll stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Heck, a few runs of Phoenix Wright would probably make them one of the best lawyers in town. Too bad for those who don’t know the trick behind this form of inspiration. Come to think about it, I know someone who got inspired by the whole Holy Knight facade… He’s now one of the most important members of his religious group XD. Gamers can be quite unstoppable when they’re inPVP mode so good luck debating with one.


Pro 3
A little too inspired?


Pro Number 4: Gamers Make Good Leaders

Perhaps the best part about being a gamer is their form of leadership. Believe or not, IBM thinks that MMO leaders are capable of leading a company (with proper training). It’s quite a shame that most of them don’t know their true capabilities; that their way of leading their party to victory is an admirable level of leadership. They’re goal oriented and quite persistent, they are creative and technologically stable… I suppose the only thing left to do is to give them proper training.


Here Are The Cons

Of course you don’t think that a gamer’s life consists purely of honey and sugar right? For every Yang, there’s a Yin, and now we’re going to discuss the dark side of gamer-dom.


Con Number 1: Self Belief

Perhaps one of the harsher traits that hinder gamers from achieving their goals is their low self-esteem. I’m not really saying that most of these people have the same problem, but it’s the one thing IBM’s been working on. These formidable fellows still don’t know what they’re made of. This is probably what Jane McGonigal was trying to say during her speech on this video: .

Gamers must see that their ways are not really something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be exercised and harnessed.




Con Number 2: The Moolah!

If you’re the non-gamer type, you’ll probably have a hard time understanding how much these things mean to us. Gamers spend a lot of money for games; in fact, I doubt they even think about the consequences when splurging. I don’t really know what other hobby I can compare with the gamer’s spending prowess (probably toy collection), especially when it comes to MMOs where they buy items that are only available in the virtual world. Now for some, this is a very stupid act, especially since everyone’s used to the fact that only tangible objects can cost this much.


Con Number 3: Immersion

Gamers are out of this world, literally… Since the virtual world is much more interesting and enjoyable than the real world, gamers have the tendency to walk the virtual world a bit too much for their own good. It’s just so easy to succeed there, and the fact that they are around people who understand them completely makes this place a safe haven for their kind. Some even disregard their priorities just to play games. This leads to poor school performance and possibly the loss of jobs. SELF CONTROL PEOPLE!


Immersed in an Epic Win


Con Number 4: Stereotypes

Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems affecting gamers today isn’t even executed by the gamers themselves. Yes, stereotypes… So what is a gamer? A gamer is a perpetual virgin, most likely obese and in his/her mid 30 without a solid job, and rather anti-social. This is perhaps the reason why gamers are so clueless when it comes to their capabilities. No one really gives them the chance to stand up and show people what they’ve got.



Overall I’d say I’m proud to be a gamer, and I’m sure you are too. The thing to be noted here is that we should be proud of who we are. Sure, there are some ups and downs in being one, but hey! If you think about it, gamers aren’t the only ones being stereotyped in various cartoons (remember the stupid jocks?). The good stuff can be harnessed, and of course, just like any game, a few patches and the cons would be eliminated in no time. Who are we? We’re a bit anti-social but are quite formidable, a bit out of this world but goal oriented when inspired, and despite the stereotypical outlook most would have over us, we are born leaders. Now let me ask you… ARE YOU A GAMER?!

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