The Warlord Online Review: The ‘Massively’ in MMO

The Warlord Online Review: The ‘Massively’ in MMO
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


If you’re looking for an MMO that actually serves its MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER purpose, then The Warlords online is the game for you. The game concentrates on the world of Ancient China. Some historical facts are detailed in the storyline as well, but much like other Asian MMO games, the story is poorly implemented. You’re technically stuck in one moment in time and the only progression in the story you will ever see is your character reaching a higher level. If however you’re that interested in learning the in game lore, everything you need to know is jotted down in the game’s website. The game does revolve around action so I suppose putting in an ingame storyline would change the whole feel of the game, so technically it’s a casual non-lore-heavy MMO game.


TQ Digital is well known for releasing famous MMORPGs, and this game is no different when it comes to success. The game has a large player base and a good community that keeps players from leaving the game which is perhaps one of the most important parts in any MMO. The Warlord Online is one of the most basic MMOs in the market with a learning curve that can be played by amateurs and first time MMO players. The game being “Newbie friendly” as you may call it is not really such a bad thing to begin with. It may lack a lot of technicalities which may disappoint hardcore gamers but it’s always good to have an MMO that most people can enjoy.


Starting up

Starting up in Warlord Online may come as a big disappointment to experienced players. The character creation interface is quite poor, with a small array of features to help you customize your character’s physique. The game offers two classes to choose from (two? No shi–), this is perhaps one of the biggest disappointments in the game. After picking your gender, you will be prompted to pick your class. The only thing that differentiates each class from the other is their form of attack. Footmen are masters of close combat (especially since they’re the only close combatants in the game)and the archers/marksmen are blessed with long ranged damage but greatly rely on arrows that must be restocked before embarking on your journey. There are 2 factions in the game: Soldier and Thief/Bandit. Note that the two factions don’t differ when it comes to playstyle so a random pick wouldn’t hurt at all (that is unless your friends decide to play on the same faction).


Warlords SHowing
A random day in The Warlords


Further customization?

Other than stronger armor and weapon mastery, nothing separates you from the linearity of each class. There are certain weapons in the game that make you look different but the object of each is no different from the others. Some weapons are actually stronger than the rest (regardless of its item level), making it more than likely for people to end up choosing the same thing. You can also use other skills to make yourself SEEM different, but I suppose the Ancient Chinese army has no plans of letting you be different from the others (LOL). What separates you from the others? You don’t have character sheets to customize, so may the guy with the best armor win.


Bane of leveling

The game has a high level cap (120+ or something) and you may think that this is the game’s way of separating individuals but it’s not. Unlike other games, a small level gap may not serve that much of a difference. You can still lose to people who are lower than your level, so always make sure that you have everything on when dealing with other players. After grinding for a long time, you’d think that you’re getting stronger by the minute. I hate to burst your bubble but you’ll only feel that difference in power after leveling up 5 times. A hard goal to deal with as the game makes reaching new levels more difficult after a short period ofgrinding.


Note: You can even be killed by players 10 times LOWER than your level


OHNOES!11!1 is there any way to level faster?

Tip: if you’ve started to experience the game’s unforgiving exp rate, believe me when I say that you do INDEED have a long way ahead of you. The best way to quicken your pace would be to do quests. The game does have a lot of quests which reward well, so ALWAYS do quests… unless you want to waste your gold buying sucky items.


The Warlords Lineup
Lined up against enemies


Open PVP

Since the newbies pretty much have all the fun when it comes to character development, hardcore gamers can take charge of the Open PVP feature. You can kill enemy players at any given time so go ahead and enjoy your tier whoring. Other players may hate this feature, but the persistent PVP trait greatly emphasizes the war-based setting. They could however make a non-PVP server but that wouldn’t do you much good now would it?


Dragon ball Z?!

Nothing says IMBALANCED like the power brought by XP skills. To be short, XP skills are IMBALANCED skills that can kill players and monsters that are hmm… TONS OF LEVELS higher than you (yeah, I know right?). Executing these skills is as simple as pushing the GET FURIOUS button that appears every time your XP skill finishes its cool down. No, these skills don’t have long arse cool downs like your hearthstone to Undercity… These things only take a mere 10 mins to cool down. IMBALANCED I know, but I suppose it’s a good way for people to stop being tier whores and start focusing on strategy. KAME…. HAME…. HAAAAAAA!!!


Light Up
Light up your energy balls


The graphics

Oh! The graphic are amazing believe me. The game has a lot of diverse areas with awesome visuals that completely make the terrain breathtaking. There are also special effects that swirl around when you execute skills, making it look awesome even if you were the one taking damage. Weather effects such as snow look terrific as well, increasing the ambience as you transfer from one area to another.


The verdict

It’s an awesome game! Quite basic and newbie-like but the game does have a lot of things to make people enjoy. The graphics are good so visual addicts are sure to enjoy themselves. The Open PVP is awesome as well, making the game quite competitive for hardcore players. There are various PK events hosted in the game so watch out for it. The Imbalanced skills are exquisitely fun to use as it did save my life after encountering a bunch of DEADLY enemies. An awesome game overall! PLAY IT AND ENJOY!


The Good:
– Awesome community
– Excellent visuals
– Open PVP
– Tournaments
– Simply fun to play.


The Bad:
– Imbalanced
– Low character customization feature
– Character individuality isn’t exercised

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