The Wild Eight Receives New Update and 40% Steam Discount Soon

The Wild Eight Researcher Update

The cooperative survival action-adventure title, The Wild Eight is set in the Alaskan wilderness and is presently in Steam’s Early Access system. It will be on sale on April 29-30th for 40% off. In addition, the new “Researcher Vault” content update also releases on Sunday, April 29th. New resources and a craft system are coming in (look for Blueprints and use Scrap to create tools and deadly weapons alike). There is also a side quest to unlock fast travel location, and you can also revive your teammates in online multiplayer. New items have been added, such as:

Circular Saw will quickly chop down trees and your enemies.

Portable Heater is a great way to warm yourself and your party while raiding the wild.

Repair Kits are your best friends if you want to keep your equipment functioning.

Spiked Stick is just like an ordinary stick, but it hurts more!

Taser electrocutes foes and stuns them for a couple of seconds — use this time wisely.

Snow Piles hide loot crates… or something dangerous!

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