Thesa Online

By Onrpg Member

Do you ever remember waking up as a child on Christmas Day? Anxious to see if you got what you ::really:: wanted for Christmas, only to find something else in its place? Disappointment. Sheer, complete disappointment. However, you were thankful for what you did recieve, even though it fell leagues short of what you ::really:: wanted. I know we’ve all been in this situation before, and those emotions resurfaced while playing Thesa.

From a graphical standpoint, Thesa excells. Even though the character models aren’t mindblowing, the environments are beautiful. The attention to detail is truly stunning.

Thesa, at its heart, is a Diablo clone; only not as smooth. I absolutely detest how unresponsive some commands are due to extreme lagging. I would go from a full health bar, to sudden death due to the ridiculous lag. I would be going great, hacking away at a deer, until said lag kicks in, resulting in the deer having its way with me. Now I’m usually not one to complain, but when a level 7 Warrior gets his a** kicked by a deer, we have a problem. Yeah, lag, so what? Well keep in mind that this lag was still happening at around 3 a.m., when the servers were like ghost-towns; and I have a broadband connection. There is no excuse for lag this severe, which causes for a very frustrating experience. Everyone I’ve talked to so far has said the lag has been going on pretty much from the start.

The sounds won’t blow you away. It’s basically just the same thing looping over and over. But perhaps we’ve grown accustomed to that in MMORPGs. 😀

It’s an absolute shame this game has such a fatal flaw with the lag. I see massive potential for this title. With four classes to choose from, a deep skill system, lots of spells, tons of items, and a friendly community, this game has alot going for it. But, dangit, fix the lag on the US versions! I’d like to be able to enjoy at least one of these games without being Korean…but that’s another story altogether.

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