They Are Billions Infects Xbox One

They Are Billions Xbox Launch

They Are Billions officially launched for the Xbox One on July 5th, and is heading to Playstation 4 on July 9th, 2019. They Are Billions brings real-time strategy in a zombie apocalypse to console, where only a few thousand humans are left alive. The threat of being infected is real, and billions of those infected masses are roaming in swarms, seeking out the last human colonies.

The BlitWorks team have worked hard to ensure They Are Billions is ready for console players. Along with key features including survival mode, pausing the game at any time, and optional controller or keyboard & mouse, the BlitWorks team will launch the game with a patch to follow shortly after as part of their plan of further refining the experience and adding content to the game. This patch will ensure players have improved control and text visibility as they face down the infected hordes.

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