Thirst of Night: At Least, No Glittering Vampires

Thirst of Night: At Least, No Glittering Vampires

By Jerrico Tan (JetSet), OnRPG Journalist



Kabam Studios, a leading developer of online browser based strategy titles, has done it again with a new free-to-play tactical browser-based game, Thirst of Night as they now include the world of vampires to their line of successful games (Godfather: Five Families, Dragons of Atlantis and Kingdoms of Camelot). In Thirst of Night the age of man has come to an end.. only to be replaced by an empire of vampires, but to reign supreme one must build an undefeatable empire through building a city, conquering Wilds and joining Alliances.



Before entering the vampire world, players must choose their General who will serve as their guide and quest-provider throughout the game. Later on, players can appoint more Generals as different appointees provide various power boosts for attacks.



Players who have played “Godfather: Five Families” will be greeted by a very familiar sight: a bird’s eye view of the entire map with pretty much the same overall layout, also separated into three categories: City, Resources & World. The entire concept and gameplay is also very identical to the latter and in terms of objectivity and process, it’s all pretty much the same. Not to mention, with the exception of color schemes, the 2D graphics seems even inferior. But thankfully, you can still clearly feel that tinge of darkness all properly put together by a glum visual façade and gothic background music.



First Blood


Since you are initially at the bottom of the food chain, you start off in an empty City with a few Resources. Building your first few facilities kicks you off in the game and Quest Rewards provide you with more Resources to get you going. The higher your level gets though, the longer the time it takes to finish tasks. Upgrading your buildings/facilities provides you with more resources that are required for further constructions. Your primary objective at this time is to upgrade your city towards prosperity, increasing your overall level in the process.




Think of the City as your very own vampire fort where you train your troops, research about vampire magic or store your resources etc. Upgrading each building within your City accomplishes a significant amount of things (ex: upgrading the Barracks unlocks stronger troop types or upgrading your Downtown widens your Resource Plots). After the initial 7-day immunity, Cities will become prone to attacks so maximize the use of upgrades early in the game.




Blood Banks, Steelworks, Crystal Pits and Concrete Plants are the four Resource Buildings that players must build and upgrade in order to have an impregnable empire. Higher-level resource buildings produce more resources within a given span of time, thus more chances to upgrade the constructions in your City.




Once you have enough troops to dispatch, you can go to the World map and attack Wilds. Every conquered Wild gives a substantial amount of EXP and the higher the level of the defeated Wild, the better the rewards. Potential rewards are also indicated on every Wild so you will know which Wild to attack should you need specific items or resources. One must always be careful in attacking rival vampire Wilds though because enemies from different Alliances could spot you and just put you under their radar. Once your battle is done, you will be sent a Battle Report to inform you of your victory or defeat and your surviving Troops will be sent back to the Barracks.




Think of Gargoyles as Thirst of Night’s summon monsters that players can raise and use in combat. To dispatch a Gargoyle together with the entire army, players must complete its Armor Set (can be collected by defeating Redblood Camps) and meet other specific requirements. Collecting its armor could be tedious though so if you’re feeling impatient, you can always spend Rubies to get your Gargoyle dressed up instantly for combat.




Creating your own Alliance or joining an existing one is a dire must if you want to survive in Thirst of Night. Together, you can invade and crush enemy Cities to get a hold of delicious loot while defending each other’s Cities from foreign attacks. If all your fellow members cooperate, your Alliance could just get to the top of the weekly-updated Leaderboards and everyone can get a taste of exclusive rewards.



Reigning Supreme

Thirst of Night’s battle system could be tricky, especially since it’s a number’s game where the one with the bigger digit almost always wins. Sending out Spies before you attack a Wild could be helpful but the best way to achieve victory is to keep your City busy with Tasks. Waiting for these tasks to be finished requires patience but there’s always a way to speed up the waiting time. Players who log in everyday get a chance to obtain speed-up items or bonus resources etc. but if you just can’t wait, you can always buy Rubies in exchange of real cash. The sense of satisfaction in playing does not happen overnight but rest assured, once your Vampire City reaches heavenly abundance, dispatching 10,000 troops on an attack is just next to normal.


Lilith gives you a daily taste of Ruby items by dealing you cards.


Kabam Studios are, without a doubt, authorities in empire-building browser-based games. But perhaps it’s time that they set their graphics a notch higher to accompany their brilliant concepts in tactical gaming. With a number of browser-based games in the market today, uniqueness in presentation can make a whole lot of difference. Having said that, Thirst of Night excels in online gameplay but because of similar concepts with other titles, better graphics would really set them apart. Play Thirst of Night now and quench your empire-building thirst today.


Graphics 3/5

Controls 4/5

Features 4/5

Customization 3/5

Community 4/5

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