Titan Online Interview: Let The New Generation Of MMORPGs Begin!

Questions by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), Onrpg Journalist
Answered by HJ Lee
Eye Interactive’s Titan Online has recently released its Grand Open Beta! Titan Online is an appealing game created by Eye Interactive. Titan Online offers us the gameplay of a martial arts MMO combined with some sci-fi and fantasy features.
The game has been created out of one of their other titles, Mo Siang, but it is said that the game offers us many new features and content. We of Onrpg had the opportunity to interview Eye Interactive about the game and the future of the company.
Please be warned. This interview contains some exclusive information about the great (and outcoming) games of Eye Interactive!
Onrpg: Could you introduce yourself, please?

Lee: My name is HJ Lee, project manager for Global Service at EYA Interactive.
Onrpg: Titan’s Grand Open Beta has just begun and it seems like it is a success. When can we expect the final release of the game?

Lee: Final release will be in late May, with the introduction of our premium Item Mall.
Onrpg: Titan Online offers us six different weapon classes. Could you tell us more about them?

Lee: Weapon classes are chosen from the developer’s favorites.
They represent weapons used in martial arts world, and plays important role in the game. However, the weapon class does not define the characters, as every character can use magic.
Onrpg: How does the storyline affect the game play of Titan Online?

Lee: Storyline is deeply reflected in the game play.  Players take on quests, which does the story telling at the same time.  It is quite interesting to read the story.
Onrpg: When does the story of Titan Online take place? Could you tell us more about it?

Lee: The exact date is not published.  The setting is in ancient China. More information can be found on Titan Online’s website!
Onrpg: Is there a PvP option in the game? Could you describe it for us?

Lee: There are several PvP options in the game.
Each map has different channels and there is a channel called WAR Channel, in which player in this channel can engage in battle with other players. There is also a toggle mode called Bloodthirst mode.  When in this mode, players can attack each player regardless of their location.  This feature is not enabled yet.
There are traditional PvP options such as one on one spar, party battle, guild battle, siege battles and tournaments.
Onrpg: What are the unique features of the game?

Lee: The most unique feature is the concept of Titan.  Titan is a mechanic armor that players can craft and eventually ‘ride’ . When in Titan mode, every aspect of a characters is boosted and have superior power and appearance.  To keep things in balance, this Titan mode only last a few minutes with a very long cool time.
Onrpg: What kind of players does Titan Online target?

Lee: Since this is an English version of the client, the primary target is English speaking nations: NA, EU and the rest.  Main target age is from 13 to 25.
Onrpg: There are so many martial arts based games out there. What makes Titan Online so special?

Lee: None of the other martial arts game has this robotic Titan concept.  This very unique feature adds the fun in the traditional martial arts game.  There is also a party skill called formation, where a party member initiates the skill and other members would have to complete it for successful cast.
Onrpg: What other titles has Eye Interactive published? Is there anything else you would like to tell about the company?

Lee: EYA Interactive has published Mosiang Online in several Asian countries as well as LUNA Online. With the success of these titles, we have many new titles coming in 09-10 time frame, which includes  IRIS Online and several other titles.
Onrpg: Is there any casual contact between players and the staff? Why (not) ?

Lee: We have in-game GMs in place to interact and help the player in the game.  Player really enjoy having GMs in the game and so do we.  The relationship with the players is great we continue to build on a healthy community.
Onrpg: What kind of events can we expect in the Open Beta and final release of the game?

Lee: There are 4 events in the Open Beta right now, with prizes such as Video Cards and in-game items.
Onrpg: What kind of new features can we expect in the future?

Lee: We are currently working on a huge upgrade in the game.  We can not disclose any information at this time, but the game will almost be a new game.
Onrpg: Why did you decide to change the name from Mo Siang Online to Titan Online?

Lee: With an introduction of the Titan concept as well as many other upgraded and improved features, we renamed the game to Titan online, which also indicates the heart of the game.
Onrpg: Are there differences between the publishers of the game?

Lee: For this global version, there are some differences in the game mechanic as well as contents.
Onrpg: Is there going to be a Titan Online 2?

Lee: Sorry, but we can not disclose the information at this time.
Onrpg: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Lee: Thank you for having an interview with us!
Onrpg: Thank you for  your time!
Despite the brief answers of Eye Interactive in our interview, which contained only a small amount of information, we can be sure that Titan Online is going to be a special game. We can expect many challenging features in this unique MMORPG and it is definitely worth a try!

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