Total War Saga: Fall of The Samurai Launches Today

Total War Saga - Fall of the Samurai

Creative Assembly announced today that Total War: SHOGUN II – Fall of the Samurai joined the Total War Saga family today. The game is now A Total War Saga: FALL OF THE SAMURAI on Steam, and existing owners of the game will receive all DLC faction packs as a free gift (with the exception of the Blood Pack) imminently. FALL OF THE SAMURAI is what Creative Assembly believes a Saga title should be, in terms of size and scope.

The grand strategy and real-time battles of the franchise are focused down into a flashpoint of history, so players can experience and determine the outcome of pivotal moments in history, where the future of a nation hangs in the balance. FALL OF THE SAMURAI  depicts the clash of Samurai culture against the power of modern weaponry. Set 400 years after the events of Total War: SHOGUN 2, players guide ancient Japan into the modern age as the arrival of America, Britain, and France incites civil war across the nation. Fall of the Samurai is also on sale on Steam for 75% off. A Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA is also available in the sale with 66% off.

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