Tyrian Times – Shadow of the Mad King: A Mini Guide

Tyrian Times – Shadow of the Mad King: A Mini Guide

By Meredith Watson, OnRPG Tyrian Reporter



Last week I speculated about what the Halloween event might look like in Guild Wars 2 based on how it played out in Guild Wars. This week has seen Acts I through III go live but because this is a brand new event you may be a bit confused as to what to do.  Luckily for you, I am going to tell you. If you’ve managed to figure it out so far, good for you. If not, read on.


Act I



The first thing you will need to do is one of three events: Queensdale – Knocking on the Door, Kessex Hills-The Mad Engineer and Gendarran Fields – Advisors of the Lunatic Court.  Getting any of these three out of the way will make things much easier for the Act II events.  In these three zones you will also find haunted doors. These haunted doors will spawn an array of Halloween themed monsters such as spiders or skeletons. You will need to kill 150 of these mobs for the achievement Halloween Huntin’. Some doors, however, will spawn trick or treat bags which will count towards the Trick or Treat bags opened achievement which again you will need 150 of. Other doors can spawn small events with a veteran mob or waves which help greatly with the Halloween Huntin’ achievement and act like a regular event giving karma and coin.



Head on over to Lion’s Arch next and visit Magister Tassi at the Grand Piazza. She will send you, in the mail, a candy powered Matter Meter and a trick or treat bag full of candy corn which you need to fuel the Matter Meter. This is the Shadow of the Mad King’s Memories Scavenger Hunt. Once you interact with the Matter Meter (your hotbars will change accordingly) near Magister Tassi a suspicious area will appear. Click on that and a ghost called Serene will show herself and give you a book with clues on where to go next.  There are five locations to visit each with a book to be found using your Matter Meter which you will then hand back to Magister Tassi who tells you that there may be another book.



There are carvable pumpkins around Tyria that once interacted with will count towards the pumpkin carving achievement and account bound Master Carver title.  You will need, again, 150 pumpkins carved. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take any special carving or design skills. Just interact as you would with anything else in Tyria.



Act II

You will want to look at your Mad Memories book again. There are more clues as the scavenger hunt begins again.  There are six new locations with new books.  Essentially it is just a rinse and repeat of Act I.  Follow clues, use Matter Meter, and retrieve books. One can only assume this will complete in Act IV?



Mad King’s Labyrinth

This is where doing those meta events in Queensdale, Kessex Hills and Gendarran Fields comes into play. The Mad King’s Labyrinth becomes available through special haunted doors. Pumpkin icons will appear on your mini map once available. The Mad King’s Labyrinth is a spooky realm filled with Halloween monsters, candy corn mines, events and bosses.



Lunatic Inquisition

The Lunatic Inquisition is a PvP mini game that is accessible by entering The Mad King’s Labyrinth (see above). This is a fun little game but not PvP in the way you may think is it.  It is reminiscent of childhood games like hide and seek and tag but far creepier.



The game starts with 20 players which are the Villagers; however, out of them one will be chosen as the Lunatic. The Villagers goal is to survive as long as they can. If you die, you get converted to the lunatic team. As a villager you have increased run speed, can use weapons found on the ground as well as find food to regen health. You do have a stealth ability that is broken by movement though not especially effective when still.  As a lunatic, you want to convert villagers to your team and you do that by killing them. You have a hotbar full of spells and abilities to use on villagers though you will run slower as a lunatic. The lunatic team increases as the villager team decreases. The winning team gets five personalized trick or treat bags whereas the losing team gets three.  Players also will get an individual score that is displayed throughout the game on the top of your screen along with the timer and high player score.



The Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle is also available in the Mad King’s Labyrinth.  Supposedly, this is one of, if not, the hardest jumping puzzle currently in the game. Once in the labyrinth find the lunatic boatmaster and choose the clock tower.  Good luck!




Twitter and Facebook both had announcements yesterday that there would be a special onetime surprise at 12 PST/7GMT for us at the Lion statue in Lion’s Arch to introduce Act III.  When the time rolled around a cut scene starting playing which depicted the Mad King coming up from underneath the Lion Statue.  To say the Mad King is bad ass is an understatement.  After the cut scene where the statue once was is now a portal.  That portal is a 5 man dungeon to defeat the Mad King called Ascent to Madness.  This dungeon will be active until Halloween so there will plenty of opportunity for some Mad King Says and a chance to defeat the Mad King himself.  The cut scene is not available in game if you missed it on the 28th but we have you covered:



So far so good.  ArenaNet is giving us a very creepy Halloween event in Guild Wars 2.  There are some minor complaints with the costume brawl being pay to win as the costumes seemingly add an advantage but other than that the event has been quite fun.  Now, just a couple more days to find out what Act IV has in store for us.

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