Tyrian Times: Smash the Dragon!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG’s Tyrian Explorer


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To celebrate another year of survival in the shadow of the Dragons the people of Lion’s Arch have come together for a festival, a Dragon Bash filled with singing, races, and every little Charr’s favorite, fireworks. But not everything will be fun and games. There is a shadowy underworld to Lion’s Arch waiting to be uncovered.


Decor in Lions Arch


The festivities begin on June 11th as Lion’s Arch is transformed into a festive party space filled with images of dragons in all shapes and sizes. Oh but what is there to do in this celebratory paradise? Be prepared for an image heavy wonderland.


Holographic Dragon


Dragon Ball: The ancient Tyrian pastime Dragon Ball makes a return! Teams of players will test their skills against one another in a game all about the quick reflexes


Moa Racing: In the Farshore Ward of Lion’s Arch Moas take their starting positions in a race where anything is possible.



Oh but that isn’t all! There will be Dragon Effigies and Piñatas hidden everywhere! Perform the ritual dance to light them and receive a temporary boost. Or break open a piñata to get some tasty treats.


Dragon Effigies


And on two very special occasions there will be unique activities. The first begins Friday June 14th at 9AM Pacific and lasts until Monday the 17th at 9AM Pacific. Every two hours the skies above Lion’s Arch will explode! With awesome. A fireworks show to rival all others will take place. Stay through until the grand finale to get the special helm, The Horns of the Dragon.


Horns of Dragon


The second event will take place June 18th in the Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch where Magnus the Bloody Handed will preside over an evening of merriment at the Lighting Ceremony.


Oh and did I mention awesome new weapon skins and other items? Those who take part in the excitement can earn exclusive Dragon’s Jade weapon skins which will only be available during the Dragon Bash. And dedicated festival goers will also be able to earn two sets of holographic Dragon Wings.


Holographic Dragon Wings


Dragon Shield


But if all these celebration and excitement proves to be too much for you be on the lookout for Marjory Delaqua, an investigator who travels to the shadowy underworld of Lion’s Arch.


Marjory Delaqua


Be on the lookout later today for an exclusive look at what OnRPG/MMOHuts Writers do when they come across a Dragon piñata. And I’ll be coming back to the Dragon Bash in a couple of weeks after I’ve had a chance to experience it for myself.


Catch JamesBl0nde and Bakerman Brad of MMOHuts take on the mighty beast in celebration of the festivities!

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