Uniquely Japanese Real-Time RPG Hyakki Castle coming to PC


Hyakki Castle is an RPG coming to PC this winter where there will be no Dwarves, no Elves, no Western Fantasy creatures. Instead Samurai and Ninja from the Edo Period will do battle with Japanese folklore creatures. Expect to see more Oni and Kappa, instead of Dwarves and Trolls. he game’s giant castle is situated on Hyakki Island, where skilled criminals were exiled, but also rumored to be on the island were ghosts and demons. Styled in the Ukiyo-e art for graphics, and lore inspired by ancient scrolls and artists, it’s a real-time RPG set in the infamous Edo period.

“We wanted to bring a fresh new approach and subject matter to this generation of dungeon RPG gamers,” said Masaru Saito of Happinet. “Hyakki Castle borrows from a rich period of time in Japan’s ancient history and aims to deliver a memorable experience through our strong Japanese warrior classes along with unusual monsters and supernatural creatures that are unique to Japanese folklore.”

Split your party into a two party system, something not before used in dungeon RPGs, allowing players to create incredible strategic possibilities. Set up ambushes, split up and flank, the choice is yours!

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