Valentine’s Day Events 2013

Valentine’s Day Events 2013

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



Love is in the air! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here is your list of Valentine’s Day events taking place all over the MMOverse. Have a love filled day!


Ace of Spades: New DLC that includes 6 character skins, a new character class, 4 new weapons, 2 maps (Chicago and Alcatraz), and 2 new game modes all themed around the St Valentine’s Day Massacre and the prohibition era. The DLC can be bought on Steam starting today.

Aion: A special task from Chocorunerk in Oriel or Pernon will give some unique rewards. While Valentine’s Day themed items in the Black Cloud Marketplace will be half off until Feb. 20

Allods: Love is in fashion this year in Allods. And you can get the latest accessories plus much more in the Item Shop. Angel Wings to Metal Bikinis, they have it all.


APB: In fine APB tradition Valentine’s Day isn’t all hearts and chocolate. This year is the Forever Alone contest. Log in from February 8-20 and get the most kills in your world to earn the title of Forever Alone.

DCUO:Love Will Find A Way, this year’s Valentine’s Day mission offers rewards of themed styles and treats along with collections from gold nodes, and new vault items.

Elsword: Characters are paired together to earn special items in dungeon runs and Cupid may drop by to make your enemies smitten with you and easier to take out.

EverQuest II: Celebrate the Goddess of love Erollsi Marr by taking part in contests and quests. Earn new achievements, get new recipes, and play all the old favorites.

Forge of Empires: Romeo and Juliet pay a visit and it’s your job to stop them from meeting their tragic end. Solve the quest and unite the pair to get a unique building.

Grepolis: A 24 hour Valentine’s Day Festival is going on now. Log in now and earn those culture points.

Guild Wars 2: Get some roses for that someone special in the gem store, buy a new red dye pack which will only give you red or pink shades, or get a new hairstyle with 20% off the Self Style Hair Kit.

MicroVolts: Having trouble finding a way to say you love that someone special? How about a bouquet of bullets? Or take part in the cutest couple and double date tournament.



Maplestory: To celebrate the romance surrounding Valentine’s Day, MapleStory is discounting in-game weddings 50 percent through Feb. 19 and each happy couple will receive a special gift. On Valentine’s Day, players who log in will receive a free heart balloon cape to show off their romantic spirit.

RaiderZ: A lifesize chocolate fountain, and a lost love highlight Valentine’s Day this year. Help Lero find his long-lost love Pero.


Rift: New titles and achievements are in store for Ascended who celebrate the Festival of Mariel-Taun. And get all previous versions of Rift on sale!

Runes of Magic: Get buffs which give an XP bonus, TP bonus, and Enhanced drop rate.

The Secret World: Find your soulmate and buy a card for a loved one or someone who just won’t give up.

The West: A new questline starts today to end on February 17th which will give a special reward. And equip roses during duels instead of weapons.

Vindictus: Treats and Titles for all who visit the Succubus in the Secret Naughty Chamber before February 19th which will finish with the Savory Succubus Sweet Event.

World of Tanks: Bonuses and Discounts are all the buzz this year. Get a discount towards Valentine tanks and a bonus XP.

World of Warcraft: A long time favorite for WoW players this event is so big and complex it comes with it’s own FAQ. Get treats, take part in time specific events and much more!

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