Vectronom’s Dancing Cube Drops onto Mobile Today

Vectronom Mobile

Vectronom is a rhythm-based 3D platformer, that has moved to mobile today, on both iOS and Android for 3.99 USD. Vectronom is a puzzle game about music, geometry, and flow. Players will have to synchronize the movements of a cube to the beat, across an ever-changing geometric environment, pulsing with music. Ludopium also produced the soundtrack, as a powerful force in electronic music.

The colorful whirlwind of memorizing rhythmic riddles challenges the player’s three-dimensional thinking with a difficulty that increases as quickly as their fingers can move. Obstacles change in sync with the music as this colorful madness gets harder from level to level, challenging the player’s three-dimensional thinking. The mobile version also includes a number of colorblind modes that players can enable on their own devices. There’s also a local multiplayer for up to four players. Vectronom is already on PC and the Nintendo Switch, but now it’s mobile too!

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