War Rock Interview: Everyone in Attention Sir!

War Rock Interview: Everyone in Attention Sir!
Questions by Vincent Haoson
Answered by Jon-Enée “Neume” Merriex Producer for GamersFirst


War Rock is one of the many MMOFPS games out in the market right now and with stiff competition means that you have to pull out all the stops to stay on top. War Rock has been stayed in the forefront of the genre. We got the opportunity to knock at Gamers Firsts door and ask how are they doing it and also of the game’s future plans for players in 2010.


OnRPG: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Could you introduce yourself first of all, please?
Hi, I’m Jon-Enée “Neume” Merriex, the producer of Shooters for GamersFirst. What that basically means is GamersFirst pays me to play my favorite shooters all day, Just kidding J. In reality I am in charge of setting and implementing the strategic vision for Parabellum, War Rock and our future Shooter titles, or as I like to call it “herd kittens”.


OnRPG: The start of the new year ushers in a lot of things for War Rock, how has the game fared thus far and what can you say about the game’s situation when 2010 started?
We’re looking good right now. We have made major inroads against cheaters and have much more on that front to come in the next few weeks. Additionally, we recently hit our highest concurrent users so everything is looking good. War Rock is about to celebrate its 3rd Anniversary in February so we really don’t have much to complain about.


OnRPG: Will you be starting any big events for January and February? 
Oh yes, we have some big stuff planned for February. Beginning Friday, January 29th and leading up to our 3rd Anniversary on February 4th, 2010, we are giving away a free retail code everyday on our Facebook Fan Page and our Twitter page.


Our 3rd Anniversary Celebration begins on February 4th, 2010 and kicks off with a live broadcast on XFire where we’ll be showing off details on our next major content patch which includes the release of Siege War. Siege War is a new progressive game mode with destructible environments. Siege War Update is set to launch in February as well.


On February 5th we’ll begin our Annual Winter Olympics sponsored by the good people at PlaySpan. We have 8 great events players will battle through; all hosted by our Game Master (GM) team. This year we’re trying something new and will be live broadcasting on XFire the whole time with me (Neume) hosting chat live on XFire during the events. We’ll be giving out special prizes on our XFire chat including PlaySpan gifts, Retail Codes, special weapons and MORE!


Finally we’re going to have a huge sale on GamersFirst! We’re introducing a new series of cosmetic items called “Top Gun”. These change the appearance of Fighter Jets when equipped by the player. We’re also going to be offering a host of our best selling items for $1 as well as releasing a brand new Premium Package I think players are really going to love.


Sink the Hamina

Special Missions Available


OnRPG: What’s the mostly used map right now in War Rock? Why do you think players like using that map?
That one’s easy, Marien. The big reason is because of the map size. It’s a nice size and allows you to start the room with few players as well as the fact that it has an interesting mix of cover, leverage and elevation. It feels right for all of our classes where other maps are more focused on just 2 or 3 classes.


OnRPG: How about the missions? Is Death match still the most preferred mode of battle in War Rock? Why do you think so?
I think Death match remains popular because it is the more straight-forward game style. Kill other players and win! Not much to that. Free-For-All is popular as well but it isn’t always as satisfying when you want to team up with your friends and take out some n00bs.


OnRPG: What’s the most used service branch as of now for 2010? Why do you think players preferred using that branch among others?
Assault and Medics are the most common branches by far. The Heavy and Engineer are limited in what weapons they can use in Close Quarters Combat, which in turn makes it very popular. The Sniper on the other hand has some great tools but needs a lot of good cover which isn’t always available. Add that to the fact the Assault has the largest weapon selection and the Medic can heal herself (and her allies) and you can see why they are the most played.


OnRPG: With two MMOFPS games under one game distributor isn’t it a problem that you get to go against another game under one roof?
I don’t think it’s a problem at all. There are a lot of companies that offer similar products under different brands. Procter & Gamble is a perfect example of that. Take a look at their website and it’s a varitable who’s who of successful brands many of whom are in the same field. Zest, Ivory, Olay; Gillette, Braun; Tag, Dolce & Gabana the list goes on.


We see it the same way. Currently we’re fielding War Rock and Parabellum. We’re in the process of signing several more shooter titles as well. I think War Rock and Parabellum are VASTLY different games and our new titles have their own twist on the Shooter concept as well. I don’t think they will even be competition for each other and if they are, good. That means we’re putting out games that are really moving the genre forward.


GM Game

Special Environments


OnRPG: What steps have you taken in making sure that War Rock is totally different from the other MMOFPS games out there?
To be honest, nothing. War Rock is a unique game by design not type, there is little that we need to do to differentiate it from other games. No other title on the market has the range of gameplay, the host of weapons, vehicles and equipment and diversity of movement that War Rock has. Not to mention the fact that we let players from all over the world play together on our International servers. You can’t find that anywhere and you especially can’t get it for a better price than we’re offering: Free.


OnRPG: What gameplay alternatives can War Rock provide for players who are looking for something different in their MMOFPS experience?
Really it’s all about offering players the ability to play Counter Strike one moment and Battlefield the next all without changing games, that’s something you won’t find in Combat Arms or CrossFire. We have monthly updates that bring new maps, vehicles, weapons and more which is something you can’t get with Counter Strike and Battlefield. Finally we have a huge GM team that is constantly running events and logging in to kill… err play with our community.


OnRPG: Do you plan on including more weapons in the game’s armory? Are the new weapons strictly for people who pay g1 credits or will you be including new-in-game currency only weapons?
YES! We’re constantly looking at new weapons and vehicles to add to the game. We have a huge list of weapons players have suggested and are going to be working our way through them this year. Last year we focused a lot on new maps. With over 50 maps now, we are switching gears and focusing more on customization options (including a new costume system coming this Spring) and weapons. So player should be ready to see a LOT of those.


OnRPG: How big is the in-game community now in War Rock? Will you be planning any live events for players anytime soon? Can you give us an idea what possible events do you have in mind?
We have a big community with over 10 Million registered accounts and over 20 servers worldwide. So we’ve got a ton of people to play against. As I said earlier we even allow players to play other players across the Atlantic on our International Server.


As far as live events go, we have weekly GM events. The GM team spends a lot of time in game banning cheaters and running events. We also have our major events like the Winter Olympics happening February 5th. Many of those events are similar to what athletes experience on the ground at the Olympics… but with a War Rock flare.


OnRPG: Is the community big enough so that you can eventually make clan wars? If not, what would be the factors that you will have to consider into starting them?
We are in the process of releasing (or I should say re-releasing) our Clan System. This should be released in beta in February. This is a part of a bigger retail expansion due out this Spring War Rock: Clan Warfare. We’ve been very busy behind the scenes making sure we get this clan system right. We’re also preparing to react to our communities needs in the beta and add or adjust features until it’s ready to go live.


We’re REALLY excited about the new Clan System and our new world-wide retail expansion War Rock: Clan Warfare. We’ll have many more details to share in the near future.


OnRPG: Will players be expecting new service branches coming out this year? Can you tell us the possible branches that may be included in the roster?
At the moment we’ve determined that we’re going to wait on the new Branches. Dream Execution (the developer) is considering this and actually working on it, but we think that should be good stuff to delve into for our 4th or 5th Anniversary. This year, we want to round out the classes we have. Add a bunch of new weapons, vehicles and game modes like Siege War.


OnRPG: Are there any patches that players should look forward to this year? Can you give us a bit of a teaser on what possible changes that may occur?
We’ll so far I’ve spilled the beans on our Siege War update and the War Rock: Clan Warfare retail expansion. What else do you want from me?!?! LOL. There is a lot more I suppose. We’ve got several new game modes on the horizon including Capture the General, Hero Mode and more maps with Conquest Mode and Siege War Mode.


OnRPG: What’s in Store for War Rock players in the coming weeks?
Come celebrate our 3rd Anniversary with us. There’ll be punch and pie! February 4th – March 8th!


OnRPG: Thank you for answering the questions for us!
Thanks for having me. If you want to see the regular updates on War Rock stay in touch with our Facebook and Twitter pages (@WarRock).

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