War Sim ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao’ Launches on Mobile

RTK - Legend of Cao Cao

Thingsoft’s ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao (RTK) is a remake of the classic turn-based RPG Simulation/Grand Strategy title from NEXON Korea, and it’s now live on Google Play and the App Store. Based on the celebrated Romance of the Three Kingdoms Series, RTK: The Legend of Cao Cao’s mechanics and gameplay beckons players to join Cao Cao in his legendary quest to dominate China. Develop cunning strategy and test devious tactics against powerful AI and other Warlords alike. Tight controls complement simple mechanics to combine for seamless gameplay built to defeat daunting foes. To celebrate the launch, there is a plethora of in-game events and valuable items (more than $800) to kickstart a successful campaign. Logging in on or after Thursday, Feb. 22 will give gifts such as 1,000,000 Rations, 1,000,000 Silver Coins, 5,500 Gongji, 3,000 Gold Coins, 50 Tokens, 50 Scrolls and more. Then there are Quest Clear Events, Commander Promotion Events, and a 1st Month Launch Celebration log-in event.


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